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When Loss Invades

When Loss Invades... We run to the Giver

I had been robbed again.

It was the third time that week.

Invaded, and as usual, I never saw it coming.

And quite frankly, I needed it to stop.

The losses were stacking up and I was feeling it acutely.

Because the same thing had happened the week before, and the week before that, and well… I could go on.

And when losses pile up around us, we tend to forget what we have gained.

When losses pile up around us, we tend to forget what we have gained. Click To Tweet

Or maybe that we have gained anything at all.

I was not even up against an ordinary thief. And I know some of you might be wondering what I had done to encourage being robbed over and over.

Well, I wonder if you’ll join me today as I guest post for the lovely Abby McDonald and her blog the Fearfully Made Mom¬†and I can tell you about the kind of loss I was experiencing, and how I get through it! You won’t regret it. Just click on the blue highlighted part above for more or click here.

And I’d love if you’d leave us a comment, or share the guest post over at Abby’s today!


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You know what I’m gonna say. All the goodness is waiting for you if you just click on the hashtags above!


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