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I’m working on an important post for tomorrow, which I can’t wait to share!!! But in the meantime, I’d like to share my tool box with you. 

No, it’s not hammers, levels, and drills, these are the nuts and bolts used to mend my soul, all the things I’m learning to use on all the days except the horribly low days (because those are a different, unrelenting kind of breed all together), to take my quality of life up a notch. And everyone needs a tool box for the soul. When was the last time you added something special to your existence? A tool you can use to uplift, to change the atmosphere, to give you something sweet just for you and your battered soul….

Here are what some of mine look like:
– Music. I know we all have favorite bands or artists, a favorite radio station or album… but when was the last time you expanded your collection to include something new to you, unusual, out side of your ideal? In general, I’m not a big fan of classical music BUT am discovering that there is some classical music that soothes the heart, let’s you go on a small journey away from the stress, and uplifts. (Shameless plug for The Piano Guys). I have found some blues music soothing too, and I’m generally not a fan… and I don’t JUST play them, I turn the lights low and have my favorite cup of tea, and light some candles. And worship music is my go to, good days and bad! Good days I’m singing along at the top of my lungs, bad days I learned a trick about wrapping yourself up in the softest throw you have, lay on the couch, close your eyes, and picture the arms of the Father wrapped around you in compassion… and He really is that near. It gives worship a new name, and it provides me with a soul repair.

-New experiences. I treat myself to one once a week. It is now a priority. A new coffee shop with a patio downtown, making a point of people watching. Giving my time to a local charity, taking the focus off myself. Visiting a new gallery, by myself, simply to make a point of enriching my life. Going to workshops, or signing up for one online about a subject I’d never considered before, just to see what that little corner of life is like. Sitting in a park with the ducks and a good book… ducks are crazy cool by the way. Try watching ducks and NOT feel better. I dare you. NEW experiences inject the soul with a variety of life we tend to otherwise rationalize ourselves out of making a priority.

-Fresh air. And yes, exercise is good, and on a good day I try to be active (but I’m warning you, I’m NOT athletic. AT. ALL) but I’m talking about just breathing in fresh air. It’s a coping tool for me. On a not so good day, you’ll find me from late May to early October out on my front or back porch, at night, in a comfy wicker chair, staring at the sky and the stars. I mumble things to the Creator, I mumble more things to myself, I get a little lost in the simple calm of it. It makes me feel soothed. It wipes away the grunge of the day. It reminds me I survived. If you ever pass by the house and see me out there, feel free to join me up on the porch and just breathe.

– Scripture. Words issued by the hands of men but the HEART of the Father King for his children. My go to scripture that sums up how I feel with dysthymia most of the time, is Psalm 121. Everything I need to have my soul repaired is in this Psalm. It’s my heart’s cry to God, I live it and breathe it and pray it. Some days it’s all I can do to open it up to those words and sit it in my lap, and hope that the Father understands that it’s all I’m capable of, and that He’ll completely carry the rest. And He does. Why do I know that? Because I’m still here. I still wake up. I still survive. I still move forward. And because He’s never once left me alone.

Those are just some of the the things I make sure I give to myself. Your quality of life, your soul, and your heart, will thank you. It sounds like a simple thing, but it requires a desire to make time for it, and a desire to expand your world, and sometimes that’s harder than it looks, I know. But when you can, do it. We all need a tool box for the soul.


  1. If you don’t have the Pandora app, yet, get it! It is fantastic for finding new music and trying out new stations that you may not hear normally. I have a bunch of new music and stations that I listen to now.. Including the Piano Guys..and Two Cellos. All of this coming from a Hard Rock, Metal dude! 🙂

    • Christine Duncan

      May 8, 2014 at 4:22 PM

      Very cool! Will look it up, thanks Dave! And thanks again for your readership 🙂

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