There's a Name For Your Answer To Prayer...

God’s been teaching me about how I define an answer to prayer lately.


Because as we so often do with life lessons, we quickly forget when a crisis is over, the things He reveals in the midst of struggles and battles at the time.

And I’d forgotten this simple truth;

As believers, it’s so easy for us to make life about our circumstances.

And when that happens, we often make our faith about our circumstances.

“Lord, I have faith that my circumstance will change soon! Lord, I have faith that this situation will be removed. Lord, how soon before the hard things grow easier?”

Not that the Father can’t meet us in our need, because He certainly can.

But often His plan to meet our need and our ideas of His plan to meet our need are two very different things.

This is what I’ve been learning on my personal journey anyway….


Will you join me today as I continue sharing my heart on what the much needed name for our answer to prayer is?
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