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You Wait Here, I’ve Got Some Things to Rearrange

When God Says Wait

It was a kind of bizarre moment.

The journey was already long and drawn out, a roller coaster of health ups and downs, answers to prayer, release and relief.

So when I started to prepare to enter back into life as I knew it, and suddenly felt a holy hand go up in front of my hurried hustle, I was confused.

He had answered my prayer. I had come back to life. So why the hold-up?

Turns out He knew some things.

Some things that would happen to me. Some things He would do in me.

And I wasn’t lacking in faith.

I wasn’t doubting the answer.

Hadn’t got a head of myself.

But there was a stretch where I couldn’t figure out why I was still in a holding pattern when it seemed perfectly safe to land.

At one point I was talking to a friend who knows a thing or two about holy rest and waiting on God, and admitted that I was so ready to get back to all the things I loved, was actually raring to go for the first time in almost a year, and yet felt very definitely that He was being firm on “wait”.

But didn’t know what I was waiting on.

Her emailed response settled upon me, and asked me something my heart hadn’t considered, her words adding light to see more clearly by.

“Think of this season in terms of God saying to you, ‘Can I trust you with what I have in mind next?”

He had brought me this far, so if He was saying wait a bit longer He had a good reason.

My heart un-clenched.

I realised I wasn’t given a “wait here on a never-ending loop” directive but a “you wait here, I’ve got some things to arrange” directive.

So I relinquished all my “here I come, world” and instead offered up a “here I am, Lord.”

And I waited.

Turns out, He knew that my new health season would require some recoup that wouldn’t kick in right away. That when it did, He would have to see me through it, hard.

And so I entered a season of healing pains.

My body so happy to be rid of a little something called Lyme that it would then try to regenerate every bit of tissue, nerve, joint, muscle, and brain wave that disease had affected through the years… all at once.

Sometimes we know we’re the most alive, and in the most healthy transition of our lives, when we enter a pain cycle, the proof that life really is returning.

Like when a limb feels like it’s on fire after it’s fallen asleep, He knew that would be me- body, mind, and soul, for another 7 whole months.

Good pains but still hard pains that would wipe me out.

And He had known they were coming.

You circle in a holding pattern until the tower says all is clear. It’s for your safety.

So while I embraced His “wait” and used it to rest and heal further, He began to reveal that He was not idle while I was out of commission, but that He was rearranging and orchestrating some things, old and new.

“You wait here, I’ve got some things to rearrange.”

“I need to clear the tarmac. I’ve got to prepare you for what’s to come. I know you’re going to need more time to adjust.”

“I’m doing this not just so you can get back, but so that you can thrive. ”

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I’m posting this because there’s a feeling in the air like we’re transitioning out of the holding pattern and into new destinations.

Will you wait with me, just a little bit longer, as He directs me out of this hard season and into a few things I’m slightly surprised at?

I have a new feeling. That what He has is going to be good. And maybe different. Maybe needing courage.

Always needing faith and obedience.

Thanks for hanging around while this new season is about to be released, readers! It won’t be very long and we’ll be doing this thing called life together again.

Now, you wait here please… I’ve got some things to rearrange.

Transitions: When He Shapes, Molds, and Orchestrates In the Middle of the Unknown

What We Can Do In Our Seasons of Transition

I’ve been out in the middle of the unknown for the last little while.

A season of change happening right underfoot, so it seems.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one.

There are these, um, transitions, happening whether I approve of them or not, whether I think I’m ready for them or not, whether I asked for them or not.

Big and small, I don’t know if they take my breath away because they caught me off-guard, or if they are just things that God has always been orchestrating and I’ve just been out in left-field, in my own little world, and just now making sense of the signs that have been pointing this way, go here, do this, trust now.

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Waiting For The Rain To Stop

I have things to do and places to be, but instead I’m sitting here waiting for the rain to stop.

The dog needs to go out, and it’s pouring. I mean pouring. I would love to hop a bus and run errands but this isn’t your regular spring shower, it’s a deluge. It’s teeming down fat hard drops that have no regard for an umbrella.

Yep, I’ve spent my day waiting for the rain to stop.

Outside my window.

And inside my soul.

The rain storm there is even more apt to put a hold on life.

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Where Will You Wait (And Giveaway!)

I’m antsy sometimes. Ready to jump the gun. Hungry for results.

And it’s so hard waiting, isn’t it?

Sometimes it feels like all we do is wait.

Waiting for a clue, a sign. Waiting for the next door to open. Waiting to see where a path might lead to. Waiting for circumstances to change, end, resolve, disappear.

And if you’ve read the blog recently, waiting to give away a few gifts to a couple of readers. May 4th isn’t coming fast enough!

He Is the Anchor!

Beckoned By the King by Jeannie Pallet

There’s just a lot of waiting.

Waiting for the weather to warm up. Waiting in the checkout lines. Waiting to get filled up, get fed up, and get freed up. Waiting around the, what else, the waiting room.

Sometimes it can feel like life is one big waiting room.

“All of our operators are busy at the moment, please stay on the line and wait until one becomes available.”


Might be funny if it wasn’t so true.

And don’t get me started on the questions that run through my brain, and can spill out of my mouth before you can say ‘boy howdy’.

When will this start? When will this end? How long will this take? Why isn’t it taking longer? Why is it taking too long? How long can I do this for? How much longer will I feel this way? What’s going on? And why?

I think sometimes I might have stomped my foot, or um, pouted, or (cringe here) done something closely resembling the weeping and gnashing of teeth in biblical proportions… maybe. When the wait is what I feel as taking too long

Funny how easily a wait can take me from mature adult to whiny, impatient, short-sighted juvenile. There was a day when I would totally dwell there. And only there.

Here’s what I started to learn.

God is not found there in that kind of frantic and frenetic waiting. He is not a frantic or frenetic God.

Where do we find God in the middle of the waiting?

He’s there in the peace available. Available through Him. He’s there in the choice to rest. Rest in Him. He’s there in the weaving together of the bigger plan of the Jeremiah promise.  Stand on His promise. He’s found in the ‘for now’ provision. Provision in Him. That’s where we find Him while we’re experiencing the next great wait.

And here’s the thing.

While we’re waiting, we seek Him and not the outcome.

Picture that sentence as a massive neon sign, urgently flashing that one simple statement.

Absorb it. Because it’s the answer to the question, “Where will you wait?” the next time you reach what seems like a dead-end.

Nothing is wasted time for God. He has a purpose being shaped in the waiting. Why wouldn’t we chose to wait there, in Him, seeking Him and not the outcome.

He is the God of outcomes. So we live way more abundantly, even in the waiting, when eyes and hearts center on Him.

When you read in the scripture or hear someone talking about waiting on the Lord, it’s because of this. He’s purposing and shaping while we’re hands off. The Creator of the universe manipulating and moulding our immediate universe and our future in tandem. Doesn’t that blow you away?

Do you know how long this took me to understand?

Years. A whole decade. When it came to waiting on Him, He was determined to take me back to school.

In a bizarre and truthful sense of irony, I think He’s still waiting for me to get it better than I do.

The wait becomes a means of preparation. A soul and heart and attitude readying.  There are gifts waiting… in the waiting.

Isaiah 30:18   Therefore the LORD waits to be gracious to you, and therefore He exalts Himself to show mercy to you. For the LORD is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for Him.

Lamentations 3:25   The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him.

So much goodness in the holy waiting! No need for pouting, whining, fidgeting, doubting.

Will you wait in the unknown? Or will you wait on the One who knows you better than you know yourself?

Where will you wait?

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