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You Wait Here, I’ve Got Some Things to Rearrange

When God Says Wait

It was a kind of bizarre moment.

The journey was already long and drawn out, a roller coaster of health ups and downs, answers to prayer, release and relief.

So when I started to prepare to enter back into life as I knew it, and suddenly felt a holy hand go up in front of my hurried hustle, I was confused.

He had answered my prayer. I had come back to life. So why the hold-up?

Turns out He knew some things.

Some things that would happen to me. Some things He would do in me.

And I wasn’t lacking in faith.

I wasn’t doubting the answer.

Hadn’t got a head of myself.

But there was a stretch where I couldn’t figure out why I was still in a holding pattern when it seemed perfectly safe to land.

At one point I was talking to a friend who knows a thing or two about holy rest and waiting on God, and admitted that I was so ready to get back to all the things I loved, was actually raring to go for the first time in almost a year, and yet felt very definitely that He was being firm on “wait”.

But didn’t know what I was waiting on.

Her emailed response settled upon me, and asked me something my heart hadn’t considered, her words adding light to see more clearly by.

“Think of this season in terms of God saying to you, ‘Can I trust you with what I have in mind next?”

He had brought me this far, so if He was saying wait a bit longer He had a good reason.

My heart un-clenched.

I realised I wasn’t given a “wait here on a never-ending loop” directive but a “you wait here, I’ve got some things to arrange” directive.

So I relinquished all my “here I come, world” and instead offered up a “here I am, Lord.”

And I waited.

Turns out, He knew that my new health season would require some recoup that wouldn’t kick in right away. That when it did, He would have to see me through it, hard.

And so I entered a season of healing pains.

My body so happy to be rid of a little something called Lyme that it would then try to regenerate every bit of tissue, nerve, joint, muscle, and brain wave that disease had affected through the years… all at once.

Sometimes we know we’re the most alive, and in the most healthy transition of our lives, when we enter a pain cycle, the proof that life really is returning.

Like when a limb feels like it’s on fire after it’s fallen asleep, He knew that would be me- body, mind, and soul, for another 7 whole months.

Good pains but still hard pains that would wipe me out.

And He had known they were coming.

You circle in a holding pattern until the tower says all is clear. It’s for your safety.

So while I embraced His “wait” and used it to rest and heal further, He began to reveal that He was not idle while I was out of commission, but that He was rearranging and orchestrating some things, old and new.

“You wait here, I’ve got some things to rearrange.”

“I need to clear the tarmac. I’ve got to prepare you for what’s to come. I know you’re going to need more time to adjust.”

“I’m doing this not just so you can get back, but so that you can thrive. ”

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I’m posting this because there’s a feeling in the air like we’re transitioning out of the holding pattern and into new destinations.

Will you wait with me, just a little bit longer, as He directs me out of this hard season and into a few things I’m slightly surprised at?

I have a new feeling. That what He has is going to be good. And maybe different. Maybe needing courage.

Always needing faith and obedience.

Thanks for hanging around while this new season is about to be released, readers! It won’t be very long and we’ll be doing this thing called life together again.

Now, you wait here please… I’ve got some things to rearrange.

When We’re Brave For The Journey

Jessica Van Roekel – God In The New Journey Series

The God In The New Journey series with Jessica Van Roekel

It’s a great joy to be welcoming Jessica from Welcome Grace on the blog today as our second guest in our new series for March! I met Jessica through a book launch last year, and I knew I’d met a words-kindred the minute we got to chatting. Visit her blog and you get open truths and inspiring honesty, not to mention instantly seeing how her words align with His heart, and I’m so stinkin’ pleased to introduce her to you today.
Will you welcome her, and get ready for her fresh insight into this continuing series? Here we go!

Imagine the Israelites as they victoriously left Egypt. They’re dancing. Celebrating. Pinching themselves because reality seems too surreal. Until they stop abruptly at the edge of the Red Sea.

And just as abruptly their rejoicing changes to clamoring. A chorus of complaints rise up instead of hallelujahs. Rather than see the excitement of freedom they see certain death—drowning or by sword.

An option they never considered occurs, a miracle: the splitting of the Red Sea. They bravely stepped into the miracle. They bravely trusted God to hold the wall of water firm. Their new journey began with each faith step forward. 

Their new journey began with each faith step forward. Click To Tweet

What about us? What’s the new thing God is calling us to?

Continue reading

Purpose- Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday word prompt is Purpose!

Sometimes it’s hard to see the purpose in something.

Let’s be real, how many would love a crystal ball just once and be able to at least see where all of the hard things were going to take us.

To say something may be for our ultimate good, to say that our story is being worked out eventually, can sound so abstract when we’re overdue for answers.

The frustration builds. The doubts fly in. The waiting becomes torment.

And so we forget something even greater.

The purpose of all of this is to make HIM the answer we crave.

The purpose of all of this is to make HIM the answer we crave. Click To Tweet

“Lord, I don’t hear You answering me today!”

When in fact, He’s been trying to connect with us on a much different frequency. Saying over all our frustration, “But My child, I AM your answer in this. Period.”

Sometimes that is the purpose.

To see Him more clearly. To acknowledge He is our everything. To stop defining it all as ours and start making it all His.

Suddenly, we don’t have to wonder. We can just watch. Watch the Answer provide, heal, secure, rescue, correct, assure, supply.

We realize He IS provision. He is healing. He is secure. He is rescue incarnate.

Go on, think about what it is you’re lacking today. Now give it His face. Because what we need is The Solution. He’s waiting.

And now, it may not be hard to see the purpose at all.

He’s been right here the whole time.


Taking part in Kate Motaung’s #FiveMinuteFriday
and the prompt today was, you guessed it, “purpose.”
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Just Breathe- #FiveMinuteFriday

Five Minute Friday/ Thoughts about catching our breath in His Presence...

A week filled with triggers and failures and waiting can make anyone want to lose their cool and enter into the no-man’s land of mood disorders, and if one more person asked me to calm down and just breathe, well, I just couldn’t account for the consequences.

There was chaos. Worries. Exhaustion. Tippy lids and wayward spatulas and myriad decisions without answers, last-minute prayers that felt like whining defeat instead of hopeful expectation.

And when one looks back it’s been months, not weeks.

It’s enough to make one crumple in a heap and hope the ground swallows you up for good.

But then I place myself wearily and hungrily in His presence.

Why did I wait so long?

And the welcome, soothing, and resurrection-filled breath of the Father flows in, fills up these depleted lungs and life, and the impossible-miraculous-wholeness takes over.

I see it in my mind’s eye, like a limp forgotten balloon being filled up and instantly ready to fly.

I take another delicious breathe in His shadow of mercy and grace and have to thank and praise Him.

How does that beautiful lyric go?

Ah yes.

“It’s Your breath. In my lungs.”

And I hear Him respond to this wobbly daughters-heart:

“Just breathe, beloved. Just breathe.”


This is my very first attempt at joining in on all the goodness of the Five Minute Friday Community!
If you love words, you should join us!
You can find this week’s theme “Breathe” and Kate Motaung’s #fmfparty linkup here!


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