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What I Learned In June

What I Learned In June

So I started this monthly tradition only a month ago after seeing so many of my blogging crew posting these and I’m loving it much more than I thought I would! Who knew?

So here’s June’s little retrospective and looking back, June was just full of a ton of goodness, and you know me, I just have to share it all with you. Here we go.

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A Self-Care Kind Of Day Is Okay

Be Still. He longs for us to find rest in Him.
I want you to know that a self-care kind of day is perfectly okay.

This post was originally just some content for the facebook page this morning. But I feel like maybe it should go here too.

Maybe this is for you.

There might be someone feeling a little less-than because their depression or disorder/illness has scrambled their day once again.

And it’s easy to think that you’ve failed. That it’s no use.

But it’s not true. 

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Taking That Internal Dialogue Captive

It was doing it again.

Blocking out everything.

Interrupting everything.

That infernal internal dialogue just doesn’t stop.

It doesn’t break for pedestrians.

It doesn’t slow down after peak hours.

A running commentary that becomes the white noise in the background of life.

It can be the reason for our lack of focus. It can be the reason for our lack of sleep. It feeds anxiety. It feeds worry. It feeds defeat before we even get going on our day.

The internal dialogue.

It’s a powerful thing, isn’t it?

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Needed: Close Contact

Funny how I can be doing everyday things and God reaches in and uses it to mirror the spiritual.

I love that He’s that kind of God.

He never drops an anvil to teach us a lesson, He never sets us up for failure, or wows us with big confusing impossible revelations.

He uses the everyday. He whispers. He nudges. He waits.

He initiates the spilling of truth as long as you’re open to it.

So I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that He leaned in and used something that occurs every day to get me thinking about wanting more of Him in my everyday.

Today it was the dog.

She’s sweet and kind of crazy and hasn’t slowed in her sunset years at all, people.

But I’m watching her right now doing something she has always done from day one and for some reason, today, it speaks a little truth at me and I pause.

She’s made sure to nap so that at least one part of her is touching just one small part of me. And not an invasive or dominant kind of touch but a submissive, content elation.

She belongs.

Her hip against my foot and she heaves the most glorious sigh and she’s settled for the rest of the day if I let her.

This is where our Rally girl is always her most happy. Her most content. Near the source of her security. One paw touching your toes. Her side barely grazing your ankle. No other interaction needed.

Just purely close contact.

Needed: Close Contact

And when it happens, nothing will wake this same crazy dog from earlier, nothing disturbs her rest, nothing distracts.

It’s the ultimate place of peace.

And so, she makes me think. And while I think, I feel the Spirit hold up a mirror to the spiritual places of the everyday and invade my heart with something simple, but that important reminder.

My ultimate place of peace is at His side, too.

That purely close contact.

In the bustle that the day brought on with all it’s running back and forth, and chores to be stared down and tackled, and clutter and mess, and people to contact, and messages to leave, and meals to dug up, I can totally forget this truth.

That Rest is where He is.

That so often I’m at my most content and at peace when I have that intentional connection time with my Saviour. Not the ‘rush up to Him like His biggest fan’ kind of contact we so often settle for where we excitedly and half-heartedly acknowledge Him and ask for a favor or two then rush off on our own track.

But right into His presence, sought out hungrily.

Right up to Him, to touch the hem of His garment as it were.

Like the woman from the biblical account with the issue of blood, I’m a woman plagued with my own issues, made whole and complete when I’m in touch with Him.

I let this reminder settle deep down inside for a bit. Hold it there. Thinking about all the times I was a chaotic mess, and all I really needed was to lay it all down and connect with Him instead of fight and battle and whine and struggle.

You’d think I’d know.

That He’s taught me all this before.

And He has.

His very Word has.

James 4:8. So simple but implies the most amazing truth. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…”

But sometimes we have to see the tangible example, like a mirror for our own lacking souls before we remember the practical applications He gifts us.

That I’d remember more than I do. That I’d make sure I stayed there all the time. But the day goes on, and I start to be distracted by the pull to pursue. And I leave His reassuring side to chase things that aren’t mine to chase, or simply aren’t mine to pursue without it first being His idea or plan.

So I thoughtfully sit and stare at our ol’ girl pressed into my foot beneath the desk, snuggling there and secure for hours if left there, and I get, and accept, the practical picture of how much more the Father loves to have us, His children, press into Him, so close at times that we’ll feel His own heartbeat propelling ours.

That’s the most wonderful of places.


Actively pressing in, desiring that close contact, will always be right.

How long till I get this deep down in my spirit? Till it becomes the only thing I crave?

I don’t know.

But I’m working on my heart acknowledging how good it really is to be there and why… no matter what else may tempt or threaten.

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Time for Wednesday linkups happening today! I’ve got two I’m so thankful to be a part of.
Holley Gerth’s #CoffeeForYourHeart and {A Tiny Mix Of’s} #WordsOfComfort!
Will you join us? See you there, friends!

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