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When God Says Expect

Do you have a word that could sum up everything you hope, dream, act out, live, breathe, and build on for this new year?

Quite a question isn’t it?!

Over at the Faith Barista website, author Bonnie Gray is challenging readers and bloggers everywhere to write with special purpose every week, based on a prompt God places on her heart, and then to link everyone’s posts together in one place for encouragement and inspiration.  So I’m posting this today as part of Beloved Brews and hope you’ll check out all the fantastic blogs being served up this week as a result.

Beloved Brews Linkup
It’s going to be fabulous. Seriously.

Before I even knew that this ‘one word’ phenomenon was an actual thing, I had been seeking God’s heart about the approach of 2015 and what He wanted to accomplish and how to be open to the things He wanted to equip me for.

And whenever I spent time being still, settling into His presence, and waiting on Him, there’d be this idea pressing in on my heart. It would roll around in my spirit, I’d turn it over and examine it, and I’d lay it back at His feet, unsure if what I was hearing was really Him, or just me… being me.

As someone who used to rush headlong into all sorts of things on the off-chance something was God’s leading, and then discovering I’d never given Him a chance to even give clear direction and definition and falling flat on my face, this time I decided to let it simmer, to let it gel, and to give God plenty of room to expand it and grow it before I’d take even the slightest action.

I’ve since learned, from all those past episodes of crashing about in my own spiritual understanding, to actually wait on the Lord. To keep my focus on Him. To let Him be my everything, everyday.

Some days are easier than others, am I right?

So back to praying. To listening. To making sure my soul is firmly anchored to the Life Preserver before I try to take on an ocean of stuff. Like routines, and ministry, and family, and chronic depression, and blogging. It all makes for one big ocean, let me tell you.

And lo and behold, the more I waited, trusted, and laid everything at His feet, keeping things in their rightful place, and bolstered my faith with His Word, the more this particular word kept repeating itself. Like waves softening up the shore, leaving little gems behind.

This particular gem, this one word, was Expect.

Even now when I say it, I say it under my breath, so as not to make it my latest focus or new obsession, but more my reason to keep eyes on Him and only Him.

Because the Creator-King, Almighty, I Am, is asking me to Expect.

I suddenly realised this was a big deal.

And in case I still wasn’t sure, He used the words of a friend who innocently thought she was just guest blogging early this week, to firmly anchor it for me.

Needless to say, He’s got my complete attention.

And if God asks me to step into 2015 expecting, then by knowing His very nature, it would follow that He obviously has something He desires to accomplish through this one potent word.

He’s asking me to anticipate, to keep watch, to keep distractions at a minimum, to stay close to the Source. Like the parable maidens with their oil lamps who chose to remain ever ready, ever vigilant, ever longing for their Beloved. No matter how long it took.

To be ready to move when He says move.

To be prepared to be used when He calls me to be used.

To be eager to be taught when He decides to teach.

To be scanning constantly for His constant will.

I’m being asked to expect.

And so I look through His Word, gathering intel, committing to heart all the ways God has already fleshed out this one word. And I find the Hebrew term {Qavah} all throughout scripture, it’s very definition meaning to hope, wait with longing,  to look forward, to expect.

“No one who expects/waits eagerly/hopes in You will ever be put to shame, but shame will come to those who offend without cause…”
Psalm 25:3

“The Lord is good to those who wait hopefully and expectantly for Him, to those who seek Him [inquire of and for Him and require Him by right of necessity and on the authority of God’s word]”
Lamentations 3:25

“For through the Spirit, by faith, we wait expectantly for the hope of righteousness.”
Galatians 5:5

The longer I study it, the more I begin to appreciate this new season of expecting. That He has things, good things, in store for those who keep vigil for only Him. To {expect} Him to be my everything.

And I see the evidence of it in His Word, and choose to say yes to all it implies. And honest to goodness, this expecting takes flight, right away, and I can feel anticipation in total rhythm now with His heart beat.

And I sit here now thinking, “wow, this One Word of the year is kind of a big deal…”

So here is 2015, and I’ve prepared my oil lamp, and my heart is on high alert, my spirit expecting His Spirit.

Thinking what a difference One Word for 2015 can make.

My friend, did you seek out a word, a theme, for your year? Do you have this prompting resonating around inside you every time you enter His courts? Might be His way of taking your covenant relationship with Him to fresh territory, to new levels.

What’s your one word for 2015?

The Year of the Home

So we’re halfway through January and it feels like God is continually talking to my heart about two homes for 2015.

And I was surprised, that the more I read the Word, and prayed, and chatted with His heart, the more I felt convinced that my 2015 is going to be about Home. And I have two, right now.

My physical home.

And the home He has helped me create here at Precepts and Life Preservers.

And I cannot deny that the thought of dedicating my next year to both really excites me.

But also presents a challenge I’m being asked to rise to.

For the last several years, it’s been go, go, go… and God seems to be telling me it’s a new season. A season of being present. A season of being available. A season of working on the personal.

Of making time for Home. And this realisation brings such a breath of expectation, a good expectation.  When was the last time I had time to try new recipes? Or put a new coat of paint on old, faded walls? To just be. Be available to my family. Be available to my neighbors. Be available without stress and harried rushing. To really work on my health, physically and mentally, and spiritually. The Father urges me to remember that I’ve put off looking after myself.

Hard to admit.

But so true. So very true.

And with that will come the second rejuvenation of Home… the blog.

Pouring my passion and heart into being available, with other business ventures totally done and gone, means I’m ready to tune and tweak and improve and write more content for the blog. For interaction between me and you. And you and the Creator. And the Creator and myself. I can’t wait! There are already good things coming. I can’t wait to share them with you. I can’t wait to grow this little community and dedicating real honest to goodness time to this little on-line home we have here.

In fact, tomorrow I have a fantastic post by a new friend about her thoughts on a new year! And the day after we have a special post about the release of a new book by another new friend!

It’s exciting.

You’re going to want to be here.

But can I be honest, just for a second?

All of these lovely things are nothing if they aren’t centered and grounded and awash in the will of the One who breathes all of this into place.

They’ll mean nothing without first dosing it all in His grace and provision.

And when I think about 2015 being about Home, it’s Him I automatically think about. He is Home for me. Where everything begins, and where everything sees completion. Where it all belongs to Him, where I’m only a vessel being poured out. In my home. In my blog. For His glory.

2015 for His glory, amen?

And this verse comes to mind, and I think I will have to print it out somewhere where I can see it…

Corinthians 9:8
And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

He is able. Able to make this year abound in every good work. Good works happen when they’re grounded in the very first and perfect work of Christ, on the cross. He is our everything, and then we’re able to find our great equipping for what we’re called to do, in Him.

It’s exciting. The Year of the Home is something I’m ready to get onboard with.

And what about you?

Have you asked Him yet this month what He has for you? What He longs to establish in you? Is it stepping out in faith more? Or maybe doing something you once feared? The options He has for you are endless.

Let’s rise to the challenge together.

Leave me a comment below?
Tell me what He has for you this year.

Lord Meet Me

It’s a new year and I wasn’t going to post today.

I was going to take the day to slouch around the house, catch up on other people’s blogs, hang with the fam.

But I can’t shake the desire to have something in writing to hang my 2015 on. To dedicate the words and thoughts and experiences that will wander in and out of this blog, and as a result, my life, and possibly yours if you’re reading along.

And what I want to build my 2015 on, daily, is a very simple request. It emerges from my soul, makes my heart skip a little, and might just make the biggest difference to each day of 2015.

These three words will change your new year too.

And they’re quite simply;

Lord, meet me.

Lord, meet me in the stillness of a new morning. For it’s in the morning that I need you as foundation, and Friend. When You meet with me, deep unto deep, I find myself focused on you and not the worries and anxiety. You exude unshakable peace, and faithfulness.

Lord, meet me.

Lord, meet me in the middle of my circumstances. You are my Life Preserver, the Good Shepherd, Creator King. Nothing is bigger than You. So meet me there? So that I can see with my heart’s eyes that everything pales in comparison. So that I can remember how small it looks next to Your immediate and faithful Presence. In the middle of the chaos, You restore holy order. You calm the seas with one word. Meet me in the middle, while it rages, and compel me to step out of the boat and keep my eyes on you.

Lord, meet me.

When the fog rolls over me, when anxiety won’t quit that day, when the depression wants to yank away the sure and the good, Lord, meet me there. When the dysthymia blocks my line of sight, and I can no longer see, hear, or feel You, meet me there. Deep down, meet me where, buried under all the chronic D, there is still a current of belief, that flows and carries the truth that You press the lost and wounded to your Shepherd’s heart, and that my definition of healing and time and joy are different from Yours, and not dependent on how I feel. In the mess of brain chemicals shifting, You are never shifted. Meet me there, and teach me to trust You beneath the surface of whatever comes at me. Meet me in the provision You supply, so I am strengthened by it.

Lord, meet Me.

Meet me in the celebrations, in the adventures, in the declarations.

Meet me when the highs can take one’s breath away and remind me of Your mercies new every morning, and how You dance and sing over Your children, that You are a God of Miracles still.

Meet me when I’m tempted to take the credit, nudge me with Your grace, and teach me to give all Glory to You. For we can do nothing apart from You.

Meet me there in that space where there’s no other option but to worship You in all your good faithfulness and provision.

Lord, meet me.

Before I type the words to the world, before I thread together what I think I know about You, meet me. Meet me before I blog, so that I can be a sure representation of Your promises and precepts. So that what I write is not based on what I’ll get back at all, but based on the principle of the loaves and fishes. Meet me so it’s Your Hand on the page. Your Voice on the computer screen. Your realness made real.

So that the hearts that read decide to pick up the call and say from their same heart’s depths;

“Lord meet me.”

The words encompass everything, invite Him into everything, and are not swayed by anything.

This is the foundation solution for 2015. Him, and only Him.

And so I’ll end my first post of the new year right here because, well….

There’s someone I’ve got to meet.

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