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When He’s The Only One Who Gets It

The Struggle Of Thinking No One Gets It...

“You still don’t get it.”

A simple sentence but one that smacks of disappointment and frustration.

And inevitably, I fling this one-liner at whoever is in my line of fire after one of my Dysthymic episodes brought on by too much activity and not enough rest.

It’s my last comment as I leave the room. Way to end on a high note, Christine.

I use it the minute I realize that my venting about how I feel and what I need hasn’t quite registered with the magnitude I feel I’m due. ( Wow. Reading these words back as I type, smarts, if you must know.)

And this one sentence has the power to make it about them, when really, it’s about me. Or maybe it’s the other way around…

All I know is that in my search for complete understanding, regardless of the other person’s attempts to, I’m left wondering why it feels like no one gets it.

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Continuing On

We Need A Better Surrender


Yesterday did not live up to the hype. It floundered and got away from us and nothing about it was all that redeemable.

And it wasn’t even supposed to be complicated, or overwhelming, or disabling. It was just another day. There was nothing unusual about it. Nothing to worry about.

But now we’re looking back at it, and we’re wondering what in the world happened. It smacked of failure. It felt like chaos. And we’re unsure whether to keep going with today.

Unsure about continuing on.

What if by the end of the day, we’ve not made any headway? What if we give up again? What if we make today worse?

What if yesterday keeps us down? Down for the count?

Our daily TKO?

If this is the case, then we need to hear something loud and clear.

We absolutely need to be continuing on.

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