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Your Struggle, His Instrument


Do you wonder what good is ever going to come of the trials you're in? He may choose to use it...

God’s been speaking to me a lot lately about how He can use my struggles with depression as an instrument of His voice.

Immediately, two things happened.

My brain did a complete inventory of all the things I could bring to the table that were way shinier and better than my ongoing battle with chronic D.

You know, in case He didn’t already know.

And second, I quickly and lamely replied, “Lord? My struggle hasn’t concluded yet. No healing to show for. No mind-bending progress. In fact, I’m still pretty broken some days.”

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The Voice We Need

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Christmas with so many voices struggling to be heard.

Beneath the strains of Joy To The World or Deck The Halls is the crashing of opinions and voices and personal views and calls for rescue or demands for peace.

Our homes, our news, our internet, our churches, they are bombarded with never-ending dialogues and uncertain solutions to crisis overseas, crisis at home, crisis mode for all.

The last time I remember chaos threatening the holiday season to this extent was the year Y2K  loomed over us.

And let’s not forget the more commercial voices. It’s pretty sad when the inspirational and seasonal tag line for an electronics company is “I want that.” Oh yes, the spirit of Christmas is all about giving, right? Feels like every time I turn around, I hear more declarations of want. And sometimes it’s so easy to let it echo around inside and suddenly it’s all you live by.

“I want.”

“My kids want.”

“We gotta have…”

And then there’s our own personal voices.

The ones that fill up our heads and our hearts.

That internal dialogue always lurking around. Trying to tell us we’re not enough, that we’re lacking something or someone, that there’s no point, that we need to be perfect as we celebrate the season.

Gosh, seems like we need the right voice cutting through all the others. The one voice we’re really in need of hearing.¬† Continue reading

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