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Get Away To Connect

Get Away From Home To Connect With Your Teen Son ~ My Guest Post Over at The Mob Society.

Guest post for TheMOBSociety

I remember when my son began high school thinking that life suddenly felt like paddling upstream.

I watched as he went from a trusting, easy-going kid to an overwhelmed, slightly stressed, in-flux-kid. One minute he wanted to do everything on his own, the next he was frustrated that he had to, all while testing who he was supposed to be in this new world.

And by the end of his first year and the approach of summer, all I could think was how I was going to get to know this “new guy” in my house?

Before, all I had to do was get out the Star Wars Legos and he’d chat and joke and think I was the cool mom. (As if.) But now? I was lucky if our conversations were more than two sentences long before he escaped to his room. All I could think of was, “Is this how my whole summer is going to feel? How DO I do summer with a teenaged boy?”

….. Please read the rest of today’s post to find out how one simple change made a big summer difference for us, over at at The MOB Society, today!
Thrilled to have this post featured there, and so grateful to all the Moms of boys who get the struggle. You can join us HERE.
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The Faith-Science of Courage

Bethany McIlrath guest post The Faith Science of Courage

It’s a true pleasure to welcome back a friend and fellow blogger to the blog today who’s such a sweet and generous soul, not to mention a fabulous prayer warrior to have in your corner. Her words never fail to encourage and build up, and you know they are all tried-and-true words, straight from her own heart experiences. It’s my pleasure to turn this little corner of the blogging world over to Bethany McIlrath. Please give her a heartfelt welcome!
And be sure to check out her prior visit to the blog as well!

Beneath the headache-inducing fluorescent lights of the high school’s health classroom, my scrawny self learned something life changing.

It didn’t seem all that scientific back then.

I learned the word resilient.

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Brave Enough To Be Humble

Christy Pearce- God In The New Journey Series

Brave Enough To Be Humble on the Journey: Guest Post

Friends, we come to the end of our fantastic blog series God In The New Journey: Being Brave Enough to Step Out and I don’t know about all of you but I’ve been blessed beyond words by each sister-writer and their insights and revelations. Today, I’m so pumped to get to turn the blog over to our next guest, Christy Pearce, from the blog Faith Like Dirty Diapers. You have to know, this woman is constantly cracking me up, but is as insightful as she is funny. So when she had a true story ready to share about staying humble in your day to day journey, I couldn’t wait to share her words with you.
I have to say a huge thanks to one and all for this series and if you’d like to catch up with the whole series easily, be sure to subscribe to the blog at the end of this post and we’ll make sure you get the whole series in one  delivery to your inbox this weekend! But for now, let’s turn the blog over to Christy!

Yesterday didn’t start out as a humble day, or even a brave day. My brave enough to be humble opportunity kicked off when a complete stranger yelled at me.

That’s right, those letters didn’t stutter—he “yelled.”

This man, (my diagonally-across-the-back-yard-neighbor) whom I’d never seen before in my life, angrily marched across his yard into mine with a piece of his mind cocked and loaded. He didn’t introduce himself upon his arrival; he just pulled the trigger and unloaded his AK47 of grievances on me while my kids watched.

And it must be my month for yelling strangers; because this is the second time over the past two weeks I’ve had the pleasure to meet a new human in this way. The first time was a woman except she was completely in the wrong.  That’s a story for another time, and for now let’s just say that experience was definitely chalked under the “suffering” category.

But my exchange yesterday was different. Because if we’re being completely honest here, I was in the wrong before he came over with his wrong reaction in tow.

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Being Brave Enough To Not Come Down

Karlene Arthur – God In The New Journey Series

Are we brave enough to stay the course, and not come down to where the distractions are? Guest series...

I feel so excited to continue on for one more week with our special series, “God In The New Journey: Being Brave Enough to Step Out.” And so I want to give this guest a hearty welcome, someone who has been with us before, and who’s perspective and heart for God I admire greatly, and has some truly amazing encouragement for us today with her words. Everyone welcome my friend Karlene Arthur from “While I Ponder”,
so very grateful to be able to turn the blog over to you today!

Most of us spend a good deal of time and effort searching to find God’s purpose for our life. We pray, “God, what is that thing you have called me to do?”

While you may be given a specific ministry or mission that extends over the decades of your life, it’s important to understand that God will call you to do many things.

He places within us specific gifts for the journey. And, as we move through life, valuable skills and experience are added to the mix – our skill set, if you will.

God will use your gifts, skills, and experiences – if you allow Him to – for His own glory. And over time, you will see your call and purpose evolve.

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