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When Our Faith Needs To Go From Unsettled To Soaring…

Why 1 John 5:14 is important for the chaos of our lives...

We get news of a loved one dealing with uncharted illness.

And we struggle with the why’s and how’s.

We learn something unsettling about our kids.

And we hit our knees in a panic.

We hear rumours at work about layoffs and downsizing.

And a thousand thoughts and fears take over our brains.

Our hearts pound.

Our focus falters.

Our faith takes a beating.

How do we keep going?

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If You Think This Is Something…

Has God ever used something simple to speak into you with?

I stood in my driveway this weekend past, and watched with delight as the good people in my community celebrated Victoria Day with fireworks in the park across the street, and late bbq’s, and children still out after dark shouting ooo’s and ahhhh’s with every colourful explosion.

Someone had oldies blaring from an open window and the sounds mixed with the rockets and the clapping and the scent of lilacs mixed with the smoke from every firework in the night, and top that with the grills still lit with good food, and the night just felt… right.

Maybe I’m just soft and sentimental.

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Got One Word For You: Encounter

I’ve got one word for you.


Encounter. Maybe the most important word for your 2016!

Because any time I think of this new year, this is the word that sits on my heart.

Because maybe how we approach God needs to be more than just a last resort.

Because as the year speeds along we’re going to encounter so many things.

Big things, or small. Hard things or easy. Ugly things, or the beautiful things. Emotional, spiritual, physical, mental.

It all will boil down to encounters.

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When The Unexpected Is Ours

When The Unexpected Becomes Ours

My favourite thing in the garden this season was rather unexpected.

A grapevine.

Long, and stretching, and curling, and crawling.

Healthy and green though I’ve not done a single thing to it.

Let’s face it, my kind of plant.

It has grown up along the deck, winding up through the railings and wire details, flourishing and languishing in the sun and shade, roots protected on the north side.

It’s my favourite thing out there.

And I haven’t a clue where it came from.

Oh, ha ha, yes, I know it came from a seed in the ground….

But no one in my household actively planted this.

I was weeding one day (typical of my gardening prowess, I do try to weed once all year) and realised the so-called tangled weed woven against the deck was in fact a healthy grapevine, mysteriously thriving where no one would think to plant such a thing.


And then I get talking to a friend and come to find out that it probably wound up where it is from the yuckiest of circumstances, a random bird dropping a random bombshell as it flew by.

(Hey, neighbourhood birds? Could I put in an order for some heirloom roses and maybe a Gloxinia or two? Appreciate it.)

And so I waver between ‘ewww’ and yay!

If not for the bombshell, I wouldn’t have this unexpected beauty.

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