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Incense Rising: A Book With Perfect Timing and a Giveaway

Incense Rising by Carolyn Dale Newell

God’s perfect timing never ceases to amaze me.

A couple of month’s ago I was in a season of rest. But what should have been restorative came with a side of so many of my mood disorder’s symptoms from my chronic D that the season of rest felt more like being in time out at the principal’s office.

There I was being obedient to the Spirit’s nudging to rest and just ‘be’ for however long He said to. And then the enemy decided to try infusing  that same season with insomnia, foggy-brain, phantom pain, and physically feeling like everything happened in slow motion to the point of real frustration and despair.

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Anniversaries And Privileges

I’ve been thinking about the very best part of today.

It’s anniversary day here on the blog and, wouldn’t you know it, International Star Wars Day too, and to add to all the fun and celebration there’s a giveaway at the end of this post running all week and that’s just a lot of goodness, don’t you think?

On Anniversaries and Privileges

Besides a special book, there might be other goodies in the giveaway package too. Can you say Canada’s best chocolate, amongst other little tidbits.

Such a fun way for me to get a chance to celebrate with you all. I’d hand deliver it to your door myself if I could.

But when I think about the best part of having a second blogiversary at all, this really all boils down to privilege.

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The Year He Brought Me Through

It’s almost here.

The blog’s second anniversary arrives tomorrow and I’m feeling full to the brim with the proof of God’s faithfulness.

The Year He Brought Me Through

I think I’ll call this past year The Year He Brought Me Through.

It acknowledges the faith struggles and the chronic D surgings while acknowledging the One who never wavered under any of it but supplied, and supplied, and supplied some more.

I’ll not lie, this second year was often a battleground in ways that the first year never was.

The honeymoon phase was over and the hard work had arrived.

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In Her Own Special Voice : A Giveaway!


Welcome today a very special friend who has taken on an extraordinary mission to give the gift of words to someone
who can’t physically give them to us herself.
Pamela Ferguson is joining us today on the blog, and shares about her new book “In Her Own Special Voice”, based on the life and faith of her sister Wendy, living with Cerebral Palsy.
The resulting account and poems inside Pam’s book touched my heart, and I know you’ll feel the same.

Pam, a warm and massive welcome to the blog.


I love Christine Duncan. Nothing pithy about her. Tells you straight up, exactly how it is, exactly how she sees it. No hiding behind safety walls and closed doors. No safety nets to fall into. Every time she finds the ability to put words to the gigantic emotions – both the easy and the hard ones – it’s a work of beauty really.

In my world, for my entire life, the reality of someone not having a voice is an everyday occurrence. Patiently waiting for one word became just time-factored into every encounter.

This is the life my sister lives. She is not the only one who has no voice, but she’s the only one in my world who cannot speak. Through her, I am acquainted with others who cannot speak, but she is the only one I love passionately.

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