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Paid In Full

Our freedom on this day in history, paid in full on the cross at Calvary!

I wrote an Easter post about freedom a while back. About true freedom.

This week I kept preaching it to myself. I don’t want to take for granted the freedom given.

Not that day two thousand years ago, and certainly not now.

It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t easy, but Friday was a holy payment for a bondage we could never have broken away from on our own.

Easter is about salvation from eternal captivity.

After all the struggle, the battle, the death on the cross, Sunday arrives with boldness.

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5 Promises For Your Battle

5 Promises For Your Battle/

I bet we could use some good news right about now.

Need a little relief.

Ready to make camp somewhere far from the battle grounds of life.

What if I told you that we have more than just deliverance from whatever battle we’re in right now, but that we have freedom that comes from someone taking the champion title for us years ago.

That there’s a powerful difference between the two.

And that we just need to believe it and live it.

When I heard speaker and writer Christine Caine preach that very thing at Passion 2016 a few months ago, it was like a huge curtain of deceit had been pulled away. The enemy would love us to think in terms of deliverance from this one battle we’re in, in the moment… and settling or wishing for immediate deliverance, instead of realizing the full potential of the freedom already given us.

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The One Ingredient We Can’t Get Enough Of

The One Ingredient We Can't Have Enough Of...

So thankful for the grace of another week.

Because last week was less than wonderful.

Thinking back, we really needed hefty doses of one very special life-ingredient.

Unlimited Grace.

We watch around the world all the moments that required less opinion-giving and more grace-giving.

We watch and forget to Whom it is we belong.

The most epic Giver of Grace.

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What We Do With Freedom

Time To Step Out Into Our Freedom
If ever a world holiday represented freedom, Easter does.

What have we done with this exquisite freedom?

This is the question on my heart.

Such an epic transfer of freedom made possible in the course of one day centuries ago on a hillside.

One life for millions. And then millions upon millions to come. A holy transaction in the form of a sacrifice. A daunting price paid in full. Him, for us. The perfect for the flaw-filled. The holy for the captive. The sinless for the sin-filled prisoner.

It IS the greatest gift we’ve ever been given since Eden.


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