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A Slower Remedy- Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday's theme this week is the word Slow

It’s so hard to be patient when something that started out full force suddenly slows to a crawl.

We have been renovating my daughter’s room. What started out as being a two to three-week project suddenly has lasted five. And counting.

Simple and quick became bigger and slower. Surprise discoveries. Snags. Obstacles.

Grabbing short moments to keep working as other routines had to start up in the middle of it but not wanting to cut corners, do shoddy work, or miss anything.

Our mantra becoming “might as well do it right the first time…”

So we are slowly finishing the room.

Slow. I know my patient daughter would love to see it done. Get down to living unhindered by the mess and chaos.

Slow. I get thinking about that phrase “God’s not finished with me yet.”

And I know we want that healing completed. That circumstance to turn around. That hard prayer answered. We want to live unhindered by the mess and chaos.

But what if He’s making sure that the slow remedy brings us the best results. The shaping and molding and weaving and working we don’t see happening very fast is being done to completion by His best standards. He doesn’t want a slap-dash building up of His grace and power and shelter and provision.

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Sometimes you can’t rush quality. You can’t do it halfway.

He does nothing halfway.

Proof is the long-game of His Son crucified and resurrected and readying eternity for us because He never wants to be separated from us by hindrances and chaos ever again.

So know it means something significant if He’s not finished with it yet. Go slow with your wants and impatience. I speak this to my own heart even now.

He is the only means of true completion.

Appreciate the slow.


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Your Struggle, His Instrument


Do you wonder what good is ever going to come of the trials you're in? He may choose to use it...

God’s been speaking to me a lot lately about how He can use my struggles with depression as an instrument of His voice.

Immediately, two things happened.

My brain did a complete inventory of all the things I could bring to the table that were way shinier and better than my ongoing battle with chronic D.

You know, in case He didn’t already know.

And second, I quickly and lamely replied, “Lord? My struggle hasn’t concluded yet. No healing to show for. No mind-bending progress. In fact, I’m still pretty broken some days.”

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The Gift That Alters, The Manger An Altar

Ever get a gift that altered everything?

Ever had a gift you’ve received create a real impact?

Not just something lovely and good or that knocks something else off ‘the list’ but such a gift that it put in motion a series of journeys or changes or altered you for good? Where promises were fulfilled?

A gift you couldn’t deny would start something new?

I must admit, I’ve had a few over the years that I would say fit that description.

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Transitions: When He Shapes, Molds, and Orchestrates In the Middle of the Unknown

What We Can Do In Our Seasons of Transition

I’ve been out in the middle of the unknown for the last little while.

A season of change happening right underfoot, so it seems.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one.

There are these, um, transitions, happening whether I approve of them or not, whether I think I’m ready for them or not, whether I asked for them or not.

Big and small, I don’t know if they take my breath away because they caught me off-guard, or if they are just things that God has always been orchestrating and I’ve just been out in left-field, in my own little world, and just now making sense of the signs that have been pointing this way, go here, do this, trust now.

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