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Your Struggle, His Instrument


Do you wonder what good is ever going to come of the trials you're in? He may choose to use it...

God’s been speaking to me a lot lately about how He can use my struggles with depression as an instrument of His voice.

Immediately, two things happened.

My brain did a complete inventory of all the things I could bring to the table that were way shinier and better than my ongoing battle with chronic D.

You know, in case He didn’t already know.

And second, I quickly and lamely replied, “Lord? My struggle hasn’t concluded yet. No healing to show for. No mind-bending progress. In fact, I’m still pretty broken some days.”

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Always On His Radar

When doubts take over and we ask ourselves, Lord, am I even on your radar today?

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I often find myself wondering things I already should know the answer to.

And I, for one, am not afraid to admit it.

Well, maybe a little.

How many times have I said I serve a great God? How many times have I declared His faithfulness? How many times have I delighted in His promises.

Too many to mention.

How many times have I suddenly forgotten it all, and instead wondered, “Lord, am I even on Your radar any more?”

Too many to mention.

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A Choice For Contentment

The Choice For Contentment Is Ours

It’s early morning hours and I can feel contentment settling a thick mantle over me.

Early light is dancing across the big maple, putting pretty patterns on the fence. The breeze causes all the trees to ripple and sound like waves on a distant shoreline, downing out city sounds. One chickadee keeps announcing itself gleefully.

I drag my laptop outside so I can inhale it all.

And contentment bubbling up seems so natural.

And so I think about it carefully, is it just a natural bi-product of how nice the right-now is? Maybe the right-now can inspire contentment and joy on a surface level, but deep down?

I know all too well that it’s always a choice.

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In The Good And The Bad

Was kind of in Job-mode the past few weeks.

Job-mode. It’s when you start to really relate to the desperation and depression and trials read about in the Book of Job.

In fact it still lingers a bit as I type.

But nothing like it was, and I’m so thankful.

And I know I’ve told you before that it’s during the hard times that we cling to the ultimate Life Preserver.

But I’m thinking I did less clinging during my recent bout with the Chronic D while He did all the holding up instead.

And that’s one of the currents of truth running through Job if we’re to be honest.

Sometimes we’re sideswiped by an avalanche of hard things, illnesses, or losses. And there comes a point where our faith is stripped down until the only thing we know for sure is that the only thing left is Him.

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