The Parable Of The Big Blue Blanket

For all those struggling with chronic depression...

I need to tell you about two men. Two men and a blanket.

You might be familiar with one or both of these men.

They are both very determined, both are very persuasive, and both can be misunderstood. But that’s where the similarities stop.

The first man is usually in the way. He makes it impossible to have any fun. He’s not into fine details, into what makes things special,  or whether he’s worn out his welcome. He’s the one guy who cheers as it rains on the local parade. What a pain!

The second man is nothing like the first. Never has a thought for himself, this one. He’s the life of the party. If he can make you smile, then he’s content. And so sensitive… rushing to everyone’s aid, the first one to make sure everyone is taken care of, and he never forgets a face or a name. Ever. I should also mention that he never holds a grudge, exudes kindness everywhere he goes, and is big into compassion and dignity extended to all. What a hero!

The first man really isn’t all that remarkable looking, except for the fact that he never goes out without a blanket.  A big, heavy, blue blanket and it’s always soaking wet. Really huge. Really heavy. Really wet. Really blue.

Disconcerting to say the least.

The second man, he’s dressed simply, but his poise hints at something like royalty if you can imagine. In spite of the grace he carries in his walk, he’s not afraid to let his hair grow out like all the kids do these days. Completely approachable. Oh, and there’s one more thing that stands out… at any given point in time, as you pass him on the street, he’s always got a tree with him. Carries it with him everywhere.

I’m very much acquainted with these two men.

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