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Expect ~ Five Minute Friday

#FiveMinuteFriday - Expect!

Yay! It’s another #FiveMinuteFriday and I’m so glad to see you here! The #fmf is when we write for only five minutes freely based on a prompt, but when 5 minutes is up, we stop. If you’d like to know more, please visit the linkup and website HERE.

{And…. go!}

I think it’s uncanny that here we are smack dab in the middle of 2017 and our #FiveMinuteFriday prompt is the word ‘Expect’.

I chuckled hard and gave a sigh.

*Expect* was my One Word for 2017 and I feel a nudge to give an account of just what God was implying when I had felt the Spirit press this word into my heart six months ago.

I’ll be honest and say right now that I had a very instant, surface, and selfish view of this word. It felt loaded with possibility, blessing, fun surprises, even arrival.

But here we are in June and He has busted open my definition of what to expect from my yearly theme, the nice little tidy box I had encased in it, and then stomped that box to smithereens so I could never put it back, even if I wanted to.

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He’s Got The Battle If We’ve Got The Praise

He's Got The Battle If We've Got The Praise... Final Post in the Word Works Series.

Life likes to bring along impossible battles, doesn’t it?

They span a variety of things that threaten our very faith, and our very purpose. Or at least, that’s how it feels.

Infertility. Chronic illness. Job loss. Depression. Divorce. Natural disasters. Oppression around the world.

Maybe you were like me this week, needing to get through something and you felt ill-equipped. Like it loomed over you, solid and imposing and you gathered what little battle gear you have knowing the enemy rolled its eyes at how futile your little pile of armor was.

But sometimes we need to change our definition of armor, of doing battle. After all, we have a Mighty King who thrives on conquering the impossible……..

…… want to see the rest of today’s blog post? I’m pleased as punch to be the guest blogger for The Word Works Series over at the lovely Bethany McIlrath’s site, the First & Second Blog! Just click here to see what God can do with all our impossible battles! I would love to see you there!
First and Second Blog

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There’s A Name For Your Answer To Prayer

There's a Name For Your Answer To Prayer...

God’s been teaching me about how I define an answer to prayer lately.


Because as we so often do with life lessons, we quickly forget when a crisis is over, the things He reveals in the midst of struggles and battles at the time.

And I’d forgotten this simple truth;

As believers, it’s so easy for us to make life about our circumstances.

And when that happens, we often make our faith about our circumstances.

“Lord, I have faith that my circumstance will change soon! Lord, I have faith that this situation will be removed. Lord, how soon before the hard things grow easier?”

Not that the Father can’t meet us in our need, because He certainly can.

But often His plan to meet our need and our ideas of His plan to meet our need are two very different things.

This is what I’ve been learning on my personal journey anyway….


Will you join me today as I continue sharing my heart on what the much needed name for our answer to prayer is?
I’m continuing this conversation over at my dear friend Lauren Gaskill’s site “Making Life Sweet” and we’d love to have you come along to hear the rest and be encouraged for your day.
You can do so by clicking right here!


It’s another grand linkup day in the blogosphere! Will you also come discover all the goodness over at Holley Gerth’s
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5 Promises For Your Battle

5 Promises For Your Battle/

I bet we could use some good news right about now.

Need a little relief.

Ready to make camp somewhere far from the battle grounds of life.

What if I told you that we have more than just deliverance from whatever battle we’re in right now, but that we have freedom that comes from someone taking the champion title for us years ago.

That there’s a powerful difference between the two.

And that we just need to believe it and live it.

When I heard speaker and writer Christine Caine preach that very thing at Passion 2016 a few months ago, it was like a huge curtain of deceit had been pulled away. The enemy would love us to think in terms of deliverance from this one battle we’re in, in the moment… and settling or wishing for immediate deliverance, instead of realizing the full potential of the freedom already given us.

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