Proverbs 4:18 Shine Bright...

I’ve decided to start doing a sort of weekly greeting each Monday. Would that be okay? Almost like a devotion? Not necessarily about a topic but just a weekly encouragement? Can we? The thought really keeps sticking in my craw as it were, and so I’m just going to kick off the coming season this way and see where we go, ok?


A verse to start our week off… at first glance, a pretty sounding verse perhaps?

…or on the surface, maybe we’re not fond of one word that stands out… we’ve had some recent run-ins with some pretty “righteous” people and if that’s what faith turns you into, you want no part. 

But let’s understand, this verse is not talking about people who take righteousness into their own hands, don’t read it as “self-righteous…” or that those who hold themselves over others are the ones that shine.

The word righteous in the original Hebrew means the actual paths of those “who completely surrender their own selves to all of God’s ordinances and laws” will shine like the morning sun… those who put God before themselves, their paths today will light up the day in Him.

Christine, why do we care about this for a Monday?

Because here’s the perfect way to start your Monday, your week, and to fold yourself up into all of His good Word for you… set yourself on a path of making yourself like Him today and watch how the light of Christ spreads forth…

Shining ever brighter…

touching those who need healing,

touching those who need comfort,

touching those who need answers,

touching those who need rescue,

touching those who need restoration,

touching those who need grace, hope, dignity, forgiveness…

How do we do this?

As you read His Word today, decide what action it is calling you to.

As you read His Word today, decide what action it is calling you to. Click To Tweet

Then ask Him to reveal how He sees it being lived out in you.


Don’t miss this.

Then ask Him to equip you and fuel you on His strength and wisdom, and toss your own aside.

Shine bright for Him today, friends…
and see what He will do in you.

Through you.

Bright like the Son.