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Our freedom on this day in history, paid in full on the cross at Calvary!

I wrote an Easter post about freedom a while back. About true freedom.

This week I kept preaching it to myself. I don’t want to take for granted the freedom given.

Not that day two thousand years ago, and certainly not now.

It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t easy, but Friday was a holy payment for a bondage we could never have broken away from on our own.

Easter is about salvation from eternal captivity.

After all the struggle, the battle, the death on the cross, Sunday arrives with boldness.

And freedom takes center stage. I pray we watch closely…

Freedom feels like that first holy breath from the Father into an empty body.

Freedom is that first twitch of His hand while bandages fall away.

Freedom pulses with His first heart beat restarted, and with blood pumping into every vessel with a holy expanding.

Freedom sounds like the crunch of stone being ripped apart, and the earth heaving, and of Roman soldiers passing out.

Freedom bursts out of caves of total darkness and breaks seals meant to keep us contained, the way they meant to keep Him contained!

What do we do with our freedom?

We step out into it.

We follow the steps of the One who stepped forth from his earthly prison. We step into the steps of living victory. We give Him the keys to all our cages we’ve created or others have tried to place us in, and we step forth into freedom anchored in Him.

What I have to keep remembering today and every day?

That I’ve been bought with a price and set free.

A price paid in full.

Completed. Finished. My debt is gone.

Today is our invitation to step out of the tomb and witness the Risen One.

Today is our invitation to step out of the tomb and witness the Risen One. Click To Tweet

And then remain changed by it.

To actually live like it.

To tell others about this amazing news.

To imitate the One who stepped out first.

May the God of all love and mercy and grace bless you today!
Happy Easter, lovely friends!

He Is Risen!


  1. We not only remember this day, but we live walking with our saviour, with salvation and eternal life. Loved your post Christine!

  2. I read recently that Jesus’s words “It is finished” are translated from the word used in the temple to signify a sacrifice had served to pay in full. With “it is finished,” He essentially said “The debt is paid in full.” Loved this reflection and the vibrant description of FREEDOM. Praying we live it.

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