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Looking For Life

Looking for Life... the daily struggle to rise above poor mental health and Who will gives us life in return...

It was all I could do not to run back to bed that morning.

I was having a hard time starting my day. For no real reason except this is what the dysthymic brain does.

Instead of feeling alive, I felt this underlying current of agitation, thick brain fog, the need to hide out, knowing if I tried to get up I’d be completely off my game.

After three years now with my diagnosis, I know this is just my brain talking. But it’s also so much more. It’s a complete disabling of reason, it’s a kind of shutting-down that is chemicals and transmitters and broken mood not easily fixed.

I don’t type all this so you’ll feel pity. I type all this because I know there are others.

And I’ve learned that sometimes to get to a good place mentally, you have to get to a good place physically.

And vice versa.

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The Mercy Equals All Grace Equation

The Mercy and Grace Equation for our daily promise!

I’ve been studying a lot in 1 Peter lately and I keep coming back to the very first chapter, it’s so loaded with promise and it feels like the beginning of a manual for what’s about to be the give and take of a heightened relationship with the Father.

So I need to share it with you.

It reads like the very best soul-food one could ever need, with the promise of unlimited supply, and this makes my dysthymic brain relieved!!!

What could be better than being promised that no matter what your brain would like to convince you of, He has always had mercy, hope, rest, and grace ready for you. We simply have to receive it.

1 Peter 1:3 starts:

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according┬áto His {abundant mercy} has begotten us again to a {living hope} through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation revealed in the end….”

and down to verse 13…

“… therefore, gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and {rest your hope fully upon the grace} that is to be brought to you through the revelation of Christ!….”

His mercy abundantly given to us, transforms our hope, then lets that hope fully rest in the assurance of His grace at the ready for all time!


Let that get you through today.

His mercy spawns hope, and that hope can be our rest, and resting there ensures unlimited grace.

His mercy spawns hope, and that hope can be our rest, and resting there ensures unlimited grace. Click To Tweet

Mic drop.

So how do we receive it?

First, chose to let go of what you think it is you need from Him.

We lay aside what we think we need, and instead ask Him to fill every inch of us with what He knows we need.

Next, we trust that He will work in us, whether our circumstances look like He is or not. It’s that trust that invites us to rest in the hope offered. It’s how we anchor our faith to something solid yet supernatural. We cling with our whole being to the promise.

Finally, we start to move forward into expecting. If He says He has abundant mercy, then look for it! If He’s promising we have grace being readied for it, let’s open up clenched and anxious hands and anticipate His glorious grace! If He says we can rest weary souls there, for goodness sake let’s drop it all right there, and feel our need lifted and replaced with His gracious provision.

I first posted the short version of this to Facebook, but can I be honest? I want to make sure all my subscribers get this soul-boost today too.

So here we are. And man, I needed this for my weary battered wobbly soul even now.

Let’s let this fuel us, heart and soul, for the rest of the day.

His giving of mercy now, results in His supply of grace for all time. Click To Tweet

His giving of mercy now, results in His supply of grace for all time.

His holy equation of tender love.

Mercy plus Hope times Rest equals all Grace for all time.

He has amazing things for us. Let’s receive.

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More- Five Minute Friday

When You’re Afraid to Hope For More.

Today's #FIveMinuteFriday post prompt is More... but what about when you're afraid to hope for more?

Yay! It’s another #FiveMinuteFriday day and I’m so glad to see you here! The #fmf is when we write for only five minutes freely based on a prompt, but when 5 minutes is up, we stop. If you’d like to know more, please visit Kate Motaung’s page here. Today’s word- prompt is *more*.

{And… go.}

Sometimes I’m afraid to hope for more. Which probably seems odd coming from a believer, but it’s true.

Lately my chronic D has been less active than usual. This is good, right?

And I know this is because of my insistence on creating a life built around rest, self-care, prayer, and being fully aware of my own triggers and stressors and eliminating them from my day-to-day. I have been very deliberate about this, and for whatever reason, I’m seeing the result of feeling like myself for a while.

It’s the “for a while” part that’s daunting.

I’d like more.

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Sing- Five Minute Friday

#FiveMinuteFriday Sing... that time He sang to me in the middle of the night...

Time for this week’s #FiveMinuteFriday and the prompt today is the word ‘sing’. Set your timers and write flat out for five minutes.
Then join us here to link up and share with this great community!

{And…. go.}

I recall a day a couple years ago that was just one of those days that feels all busted up, no matter what you do.

And at around midnight, wide awake and all the stress of that day sitting hard on my heart, and making it hard to breathe, I gathered myself into a much loved quilt and shuffled out to sit in the darkness on the porch in the summer silence.

Tears simmered near the surface, and I curled into my old wicker chair in the shadows, and tried hard to see past the crud of the day to the show of stars dotting the sky with His handiwork.

I needed peace. I needed shelter. I needed Him.

Suddenly lines from a worship chorus spilled from desperate lips into all the still, reflecting how alone and solitary I felt, barely a whisper really. Like when you’re drowning.

I called. You answered. And You came to my rescue and I….”

I couldn’t sing the last line.

My whispered song choked off.

I was busted up inside from anxiety and my depression and tasks failed and promises disabled and things yelled and I’d carried a broken-up feeling all day.

I almost had no strength left to call out to the One who needed to come and rescue.

There isn’t much that can break through that kind of brokeness.

But He’s God.

And He can. In the profound space of something simple, He can.

And with a solid-ness so real it took my breath from me, the Father sang the final line back to me.

“And I, I want to be where you are…”

So clearly that I worried people were going to scramble from sleeping houses in confusion.

So clear it was like He’d settled in the chair beside me and sang into my ear.

A warm deep booming beauty of a Voice singing back His promise to never leave me or forsake me.

A warm deep beauty of a Voice singing back His promise to never leave me or forsake me. #fmfparty Click To Tweet

When the Creator King sings over you, it pretty much dispels all chaos, all the built-up awful, and keeps you locked into His rich mercy and gentle grace.

Into His presence.

You have to know, much like being on holy ground, I was locked into my chair, breathless for the better, weeping, wowed.

Scripture says that He sings over us, that He renews us with it and with His love in song.

Sometimes it turns out, He likes to be literally taken at His Word.

And is there in the middle of the broken days, alongside of us.

Our Companion, humming His love song over us.

{And…. stop.}

I know my five minutes is up, but I’m also linking this song… because the minute I hear it, it takes me back to that night on the porch under the stars at midnight curled into my Father as He sang. I pray it speaks to you and fills you up, today!

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