Day 2 of the #7DaysOfHopeAndHealth


Day 2 of our mini series #7DaysOfHopeAndHealth and today let’s chat real quick about mental health and the effect your environment can have.

Let’s face it, as someone with chronic depression, I know how hard it is physically to get out of a depressive slump. We pick a spot and almost hide out there because it feels easier than dealing with whatever is waiting beyond our chosen place to withdraw and escape.

But at the same time, we need something to force our brains to stop the depressive or anxious episode we’re experiencing, and basically allow it to reset. And often it’s as simple as switching to a new or different environment. And suddenly the things you interact with instantly require your brain to adjust to all the new stimuli.

Once, my husband, seeing how badly I was needing to leave the house before I permanently became a hermit, basically put my shoes on my feet, tucked me in a coat, pajamas and all, and went through a drive-through for hot chocolate. Before I really knew what was happening, we were parked by the beach about 15 minutes away, looking out at the crashing winter waves, and there we sat. And he honestly didn’t know it would help… but something about people and dog walkers and small kids along the boardwalk and the cold clouds rushing across the lake engaged my brain stuck on despair like a broken record, and it was forced to take in the new.

And in doing so, it released its depressive grip enough for me to breathe, feel, and decompress just enough. And the ascent back into the land of the living began.

And I’m no fool, sometimes it’s the lively environment that sends us running to begin with, and a switch may be more than you can bear some days, in which case, what you need is your doctor (please here this!) and so this is simply the second tip I have for when all the moods are too much and you’re desperate for it to lift.


Keep this handy graphic nearby by right-clicking to download, and feel free to share with anyone you think could use a boost at this time of year! Be sure to use the hashtag #7DaysOfHopeAndHealth so that we can find you and thank you!

If you missed day one, you can find it here… and stay tuned for Day 3!