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In The Good And The Bad

Was kind of in Job-mode the past few weeks.

Job-mode. It’s when you start to really relate to the desperation and depression and trials read about in the Book of Job.

In fact it still lingers a bit as I type.

But nothing like it was, and I’m so thankful.

And I know I’ve told you before that it’s during the hard times that we cling to the ultimate Life Preserver.

But I’m thinking I did less clinging during my recent bout with the Chronic D while He did all the holding up instead.

And that’s one of the currents of truth running through Job if we’re to be honest.

Sometimes we’re sideswiped by an avalanche of hard things, illnesses, or losses. And there comes a point where our faith is stripped down until the only thing we know for sure is that the only thing left is Him.

And we can barely lift eyes stinging, or hands clinging, or hearts wrenched to Him in our need.

It’s those times that the Father holds onto us instead.

He only asks that we would know this, that He’s right next to you, in theĀ good and the bad.

This is the gift of Job.

In fact, it’s a gift we could almost miss at the beginning of the account, were it not for some simple but amazing words out of the mouth of Job himself early on in the book.

Words that illuminate just what God desires each of us to utter when life hits hard, so that it’s clear that He is the only one propelling us through the dark and lonely valleys and back into the promised light.

“The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:21(b)

Wow. The man just had all he’d worked for, inherited, or loved ripped from him, one after another.

And his words as this happens?

“It’s all God, in the good and the bad, in what’s provided and in what’s removed. Bless Your name.

You hear it?

In the good and the bad. It’s still about the Almighty.

And maybe it’s not just the words uttered as he receives blow after blow, but it’s also how he says them that are such an illumination and such a blueprint for how to get through on your ground down faith.

Because his words are prefaced by one very important detail.

He fell to his knees and worshipped.

Faith shaky, I’m sure, wondering where God was taking this or what He would do.

But verse 20, directly before that famous phrasing, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away…” makes this important observation.

Fuelling his declaration was some intense worship.

Don’t miss it.

Worship keeps our focus from wavering. In the good. In the bad.

How do we know? Verse 22 makes this very singular distinction:

“In all this, Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong!”

Worship keeps us from “woe is me.” because our voices are too busy saying, “blessed is He.”

Worship keeps us from shaking a fist at God because the hand is busy being raised in submission and adoration.

It’s okay. Your faith might take a hit or two in these torrential times. But your focus in the midst doesn’t have to.

Life wants to bring you low?

Then get low, friends.

On your knees in desperate worship-kind of low.

Get low.

Then lift His name.

Call His name.

So the Creator of the Universe comes close and sits with you through what’s to come.

So He knows you know it’s all about Him, not so much about you.

Cause He’s about to shake up everything you thought you knew about faith, and take it to a new level, in a way you can’t imagine.

The last few weeks that my Dysthymia tried to wedge into every routine and dominate every mood and emotion and physical ability, my faith would wobble and spin…

But my focus?

I still knew Who was in control. And Who had me in the palm of His hand no matter what else happened. Who was going to sit and council me while I sat in life’s messy ashes.

And on my hardest days, worship laid the foundation for Him to accomplish what felt impossible.

And nothing is impossible for God. Nothing.

Sometimes it was a Job-mode type of worship… an emotional tearing up, shaving away of anything based on self, and falling to knees wherever I was until He picked me up again.

In the good and the bad, people.

There’s never a time He’s not God, no matter what the enemy would like us to believe.

And we can drown out the Adversary with our worship.

And remind him that no matter what we’re given or what we lose, we have the God who does all things well.

I leave you with this quote from Pastor Paul Tripp:

This is a “God who’s after redeeming men/women in the middle of the difficulty!”

Keep your worship focus on Him, not your circumstance, and wait.

Your redemption draws close in the breath of worship.

In the good and the bad

In The Good and The Bad


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  1. Thanks for sharing…I’ve had this song on my heart for the last couple days…”In everything give Him thanks….in the good times praise His name…in the bad times, do the same…” So thankful for a God who is there through it all! Joining you from CoffeewithHolley Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dearest Christine, my prayers are still with you as you come out of this time! I am in a weird season of life right now too, where some things feel uncertain and my faith has been shaken. The beauty of the grace of God is that even though we humans are prone to doubt and stray, He remains. He holds us. He beckons us to return to Him. Bless you sweet friend! XX

  3. I’m blessed reading your words today! We can learn so much about Job. Accepting the good things and not so good thing, that can make us mature and grow in the Lord. No matter what lies up or below us… or around us God is faithful. When everything around us falls apart, God stills there with us. Thanks Christine for filling up my heart with comfort today!


  4. Amen, friend! It is that “gift of Job” that drives us to the God of the heavens – over and over.

  5. Thanks Christine for the up lifting blog. You are an inspiration to me at such a time as this. I have been enlightened with the story of Job like I’ve never been before, I needed to read this today.If God brought Job through his trial He will bring us through friend………some days are better than others but our God is the same looking out for us for when we have the down days He never changes praise His name !

  6. My friend….. thank you.

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