Today I’m happy to share a post with you by a new friend and guest blogger Karlene Arthur from
She has this incredible, and tender heart towards God, and it spills over into her thoughts and her interactions with others. I’m so glad to be sharing the blog with her today, and think it’s uncanny how she’s written a post that spoke directly to my own sense of expectation for the new year.Uncanny I tell you.

Without further ado, here’s Karlene and her heart’s take on what’s to come in 2015… please leave her a comment below, and I urge you to check out her other lovely posts at
While I Ponder, and make her feel welcome!

Broken Appointments and the Unexpected

by Karlene Arthur (

Here we are again, a new year has brought us the chance to start over! New Year’s resolutions – did you make some? Personally, I feel like 99% of the time I set myself up for failure when I do. It has me wondering if 2015 will be any different.

Now, I am not saying New Year’s resolutions are a bad thing. I like the prospect that January 1 brings. A new year can give a fresh sense of purpose and renewed mindset. It opens us up to new possibilities. It is a good time to clear out the clutter, whatever that may be, and set our intentions on living life to the fullest.

Expect the unexpected.

If your 2014 calendar looks like mine, you had a few broken appointments. I’m not just talking about those rescheduled meetings (or the doctor’s appointment I totally forgot about that one day). My last year’s calendar held plans and a dream or two. I set goals. I made resolutions. Some of those materialized. Some did not.

Part of the responsibility for broken resolutions may fall to us, at times. I do not have a problem acknowledging that I am incapable of meeting all my goals and commitments, including New Year’s resolutions. The past confirms it is not ALL going to happen according to my plan.

What I occasionally do have a problem with is acknowledging that God may block the completion of a goal, commitment or resolution in my life, or that He brings things into my life I was not expecting. He uses this to teach me lessons, like learning to wait on Him and trust Him more fully. It is not what I planned for or wanted to happen. It is not always welcome.

Expect the unexpected.

What is it you are promising yourself this time around? What are you expecting in 2015? Somewhere, someone is saying, “This year, I will lose weight, get in better shape, and live healthier.” Maybe they are thinking, “This year I’ll finish those projects I’ve been putting off, get more organized and stay on top of things.” Or perhaps you’re saying, “This year, I’ll take more time to enjoy family, take that trip we’ve always talked about and read that stack of books accumulating on the bedside table.”

Expect the unexpected.

Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43.19 [Amplified Bible]

Has the past year been a tough one? For me, personally, life happened and it dealt some blows. In spite of it, God was good. He was everything I needed. He met needs. He provided. He comforted. He even gave me some of the desires of my heart. He also taught and continues to teach me lessons along the way.

Expect the unexpected.

What did your 2014 calendar look like at December’s end? Were there lines drawn through and words scratched out? Did broken appointments bring disappointment? Did they take your joy, cause you tears, or kill a dream? It was not what you planned. It was definitely not a part of your New Year’s resolutions back in January 2014.

The enemy of our souls is out to destroy everything good in and around us. Broken appointments may come at the enemy’s hand, but let us focus on God and His ways. When the enemy has heaped his worst upon us, God is then in a position to do His very best for us!

 “Always keep moving toward what God has for you.

You may have to crawl to get there, but keep crawling.

You may have to cry a lot of tears along the way, but keep walking.

You may get knocked down, but get up and keep going.

Don’t let anything keep you from keeping your appointment!”

  • Bishop T.D. Jakes (Woman, Thou Art Loosed!)


Expect the unexpected.

Look up, friend. A new day is here. Make your plans and set your goals, but do not fail to trust in God. He is walking beside you. He is standing by, ready to teach and guide. He has appointments for you to keep in the New Year. As you move through the rhythm of life, let Him surprise you. Let Him bless you. Let Him work all things out for your good.

Be watching for the unexpected in 2015!