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Drawn To Good Words

Drawn To Good Words - Stay Connected Blog Series

No one was eager to build words with me.

The beautiful Scrabble board sits on the family table where all the paths in the house converge and intersect.

It’s beautiful, an heirloom-quality special edition.

But when asked eagerly who wanted to challenge me to a session of my personal word-obsession ( I AM a scrabble fiend, people!) I kept getting “no”.

I tried sweetening the pot.

“I’ll provide snacks, you guys! Great tunes, your pick! (Lord, help me now.) We can take it outside under the cool gazebo!”

I started noticing people hiding in their rooms whenever I approached.

I sank to a new low with, “I’ll let you win!”

But to no avail.

In their defense, my family was wary of playing with me. I am, after all, a words-person. I can be known to absorb a book a day, I have too many journals to count, and using all seven tiles in one turn is my jam.


So there it sat in the box. This beautiful treasure. Getting dusty.

It made me sad.

So one day a few weeks ago, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I took it out to drool over its potential for word-nerdy joy. I ran my hand over the custom board, I spoke to it softly so as not to frighten it away, I listened to it speak to me as the real wood letter tiles clinked together in the canvas bag from heaven.

I’m sorry, like you don’t wax poetic about your favorite game board, alright?

Okay, so if no one would engage, I’d play alone and challenge myself. Ha.

So I filled two metal trenches with letter tiles, and sat, contemplated, mused, and laid out my first word.

It was a dandy. And I patted myself on the back, considered the next turn, and walked away to let the next word choice simmer a bit.

A good word takes time.

The next day, I was sitting looking through the mail at the family table when something registered in my peripheral vision.

There, mysteriously, was a new word converging with mine on the board.

What now?

Blog Series _ Stay Connected

I clapped my hands in glee quietly to myself and possibly allowed for an evil chuckle.

Someone had succumbed to its charm.

Someone had been covertly intrigued.

I added my new word beside theirs, good words overlapping.

Building. Intersecting. Connecting.

And I watched as day after day, the board began to fill.

At the main intersection of the house, my family passes by the potential tiles and looks for the next good word.

All would ponder and think and mull-over.

All would vie to be the one to connect a word next.

All would be drawn in by good words.

You know, it’s funny but sometimes we’re like this with another kind of ‘good word’.

And for sure God isn’t into playing games but often He has words for us that would intersect with our souls and our circumstances.

Often He has good words for us that would intersect with our souls and our circumstances. Click To Tweet

But we have to want to engage with Him.

And how many times in my own life, did I wonder why I couldn’t connect with my Father over something but wouldn’t allow myself to spend time in the only good Word.

But then He would start at where my soul would intersect with His heart. Where my needs would converge with His will. Where my heart would be built up by His love.

And He would place just one word. To draw me in. To get my attention.

Often that word is “Beloved.”

Sometimes that word is “Daughter.”

Many times that word is “Wait.”

Come. Rest. Pray. Listen. Forgive. Go. Peace. Stay. Believe. Trust. Live.

Each of those words, given the chance, connect you with Him somehow, don’t they? And connect together, overlapping your situation, your problem, your worry, your wonder.

Drawn in by good words sent into your heart via His, we start to stick around, we start to lean in more, we start to desire more.

Psalm 33:4 - Summer Blog Series "Stay Connected"

And then we begin to only ever desire words from Him.

The purpose? So that our lives and His kingdom constantly and gloriously intersect.

The purpose? So that our lives and His kingdom constantly and gloriously intersect. Click To Tweet

And we find ourselves marveling over His Word’s beauty. How it seems custom-built for exactly what we’re going through. How it speaks to us as we hold it close, how it comes alive for us as we turn a page and listen for His whisper.

There’s a Word He’s been trying to get us to look forward to, hunger for, follow through on.

Allow to change the whole game for us, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Open the Word in order to let Him draw you in with all His good words. You won’t regret a single minute.

Will you lean in today, to see what He’s building and connecting and orchestrating for you?

This post is the first in 4 that will center around the topic of staying connected with God, our Life Preserver if you will, on a greater level. I hope you’ll tune in for the rest of this blog mini-series, and find encouragement in building relationship, and allowing Him to lead, and refreshing how you commune with the One who knows you best and loves you most!

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  1. I knew there was a reason I love you. Okay, well, more than just one! I come from a long line of serious Scrabble players. I only beat my mom once-I never beat my Nannie! And that board of yours is a beaut!

    Let’s be honest, your post and message is lovely, but I’ve seriously gotten lost in the illustration!! Oops.

    Oh-and if you ever want an opponent, “I’m your Huckleberry!” (Name that quote! )

    Hugs sister! ❤

    • Christine Duncan

      July 19, 2017 at 10:33 AM

      Well, okay Doc Holliday 😉 I knew we were kindreds before, but this seals it! I’m so glad you are along for the reading, caught up in the scrabble or not, girlfriend. Your words make me smile! *Hugs neck through screen*

  2. Oddly enough as words and board games person too, I’ve never been much for Scrabble. Mostly because I like to take my time thinking on the best word choice, and the game itself is usually confined to a set period of time. I think I’d like to play slowly the way your family is : ) As for the rest- just has me smiling and thanking God for His Word and how it always intersects! Beautiful, Christine.

    • Christine Duncan

      July 19, 2017 at 1:08 PM

      Isn’t it funny, we absorb His Word better when we have time to think too, just like my family’s style of Scrabble. So thankful we have His Word to constantly guide us! So glad to have your lovely comment waiting, Bethany, hugs m’dear!!! Hope you’re having a beautiful summer!

  3. Can I steal your sister’s quote, “I knew there was a reason I love you!”? I’m a wordy person too! And love your heirloom Scrabble board. I, too, would have a hard time getting my family to play along with me. But glad you found a surreptitious way to get them to engage. 😀
    This post was beautiful, Christine. Thank you for sharing your words of connection and love of God’s word.

    • Christine Duncan

      July 20, 2017 at 12:39 PM

      Your comment makes me clap my hands, Gleniece… Scrabblers unite! lol The board was from Restoration Hardware, they have such beautiful products. So glad this post is making people smile! Thanks, friend!

  4. Very powerful Christine

  5. As much as I enjoy Scrabble, I appreciate the subtle metaphor here to the way that God interacts with us so quietly in our daily lives inviting us to walk with Him!

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