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More Rescue, Less Shame

More Rescue, Less Shame.

I remember the day three years ago now, that I sat in my doctor’s office, exhausted, so close to tears. After several sessions of questions and backtracking the ups and downs of my health, mental and physical, we finally knew what I’d suffered from.

I remember the relief that came with my diagnosis for Early Onset Dysthymic Disorder. The understanding that I wasn’t a horrible human being, awful mom, lazy wife. But a brave someone who happened to have a mood disorder for almost her entire life.

And I remember realizing that for much of my life, it was shame about who I was that kept me from seeking help.

Why is shame our go-to reaction to needing rescued?

Why do we wallow in our suffering while an answer waits?

Because in matters of the obvious, rescue is always the desired option, isn’t it?

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He’s Got The Battle If We’ve Got The Praise

He's Got The Battle If We've Got The Praise... Final Post in the Word Works Series.

Life likes to bring along impossible battles, doesn’t it?

They span a variety of things that threaten our very faith, and our very purpose. Or at least, that’s how it feels.

Infertility. Chronic illness. Job loss. Depression. Divorce. Natural disasters. Oppression around the world.

Maybe you were like me this week, needing to get through something and you felt ill-equipped. Like it loomed over you, solid and imposing and you gathered what little battle gear you have knowing the enemy rolled its eyes at how futile your little pile of armor was.

But sometimes we need to change our definition of armor, of doing battle. After all, we have a Mighty King who thrives on conquering the impossible……..

…… want to see the rest of today’s blog post? I’m pleased as punch to be the guest blogger for The Word Works Series over at the lovely Bethany McIlrath’s site, the First & Second Blog! Just click here to see what God can do with all our impossible battles! I would love to see you there!
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A Self-Care Kind Of Day Is Okay

Be Still. He longs for us to find rest in Him.
I want you to know that a self-care kind of day is perfectly okay.

This post was originally just some content for the facebook page this morning. But I feel like maybe it should go here too.

Maybe this is for you.

There might be someone feeling a little less-than because their depression or disorder/illness has scrambled their day once again.

And it’s easy to think that you’ve failed. That it’s no use.

But it’s not true. 

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How To Write Through Your Worst Days

Three ways that will help you blog or write through the hardest days...

Did you know that your worst days can be your fuel?

Did you know that your worst days can actually be the tool that gives up the most authentic results?

If you’ve read this blog at all, you know I write about some of the hardest parts of the day-to-day, and today is no exception.

But if you hear anything today, hear this;

Even on our worst days, God the Father has the overwhelming ability to minister and restore… a taking-back, a lifting out, a full-on redeeming of your immediate circumstance.

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