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Can I Thank You?

I’m sitting here with a breakfast bagel on one side of me and Dr.Pepper on the other and feeling festive on this New Year’s Eve.

And typing away with an all-consuming desire to just say, “thanks!”

Early today I hummed and hawed and thought about imparting some great and profound starting-off-a-new-year wisdom that would instantly take the internet by storm but….

Can I just take today to say thank you?

When I started this journey back in May, I had no idea the kind of sweet friends I would make through this blog. The kind of amazing support I would get for stepping out and declaring that believers are not immune to mood disorders and mental health worries, and that it was time to be real about it in my life, and maybe inspire others to be more real about it in their own.

That a ripple would happen, and that there would be people near and far, (hi Budapest!) who would start to read along with the ramblings and musings and prayers of some random woman living with her chronic D and her growing faith and all the befuddling things that come with the two, and all the empowering and healing things the Life Preserver encircles us with each day.

I’ve really got to thank you.

Thank You!!!

Your encouraging comments here and on the Facebook page, your emails and private messages when you felt alone and swallowed up by your situations, your prayer requests and your testimonies and your amazing journeys and life stories that change mine… thank you.

Your sharing and your giving and your voices make my world this amazing place to be…. thank you.

Your compassion for your families and friends that make you ask questions and seek counselling and find help, and your openness in your phone calls and coffee visits and your hugs… thank you.

Gosh, my prayer and hope is that I’ve been some help to all of you, even a smidgen of the way you, the reader, have been a rock for me.

That you read along, and cheer, and cry, and wonder, not to mention question why I drink Dr.Pepper with my breakfast on holidays, makes this an amazing place to be.

How can I ever thank you???

I have a prayer with all of you in mind. Will you mind that I’m praying it for each of you already?
That the Lord truly cover your 2015 in rich blessing and amazing adventure. That you would know all year-long Who holds you under His tender and mighty wing, no matter what. That you are never alone, that the Life Preserver has preserved your life for a definitive reason, and that He begin to reveal the “What Now” of your journey. That His Joy would override any heartache, any drama, and disappointment, His Joy which is never dependent on our circumstance, but on His faithfulness. And that you would pass the message on, and pay it forward, that we are all amazing to the Father, and cherished more than we can understand.

Cause if I can say you’re amazing, how much more does the Creator, who created you exactly in His image?


So I lift my thanks for you all, and wish you all the biggest and brightest prayer for the coming season. You will never know how grateful I am to have you on this leg of the journey with me.

Chronic Dysthymia, Dr.Pepper, and all.

From the bottom of my welling-up-with-tears heart….

Thank you.


  1. Thank you, Christine, for this. Over the past few weeks I have been literally overtaken by “heartache, drama and disappointment” due to a circumstance in the life of a dear friend. This morning I cried to my husband and said, “I just cannot get past this.” Thank you for prayer even for that which you know not of. The joy of the Lord is and will be my strength in 2015.

    • Christine Duncan

      December 31, 2014 at 6:37 PM

      He will honor your declaration of joy and strength built on Him, Karlene, He will honor it and supply abundantly!!! I believe that. I’m so glad to have this friendship built across blogs and faith, and I know how it feels to be overtaken, so I do not say lightly, that the Life Preservers wraps Himself around you even in those times you feel lost and swamped, and will hold you until the storm passes.
      We boldly go into 2015 serving a Psalm 121 God!

  2. Here’s a big THANKYOU, to you Christine! Can’t wait to see what blessings come your way in 2015. Love to you and your amazing family (my family).

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family Christine! May your year be filled with joy and happiness!


    • Christine Duncan

      December 31, 2014 at 7:42 PM

      And all the same joy and happiness for you and your beautiful family in 2015, as well, Dave! I’m pretty darn honored to call you friend, and photo buddy πŸ™‚ A very Happy New Year to you all!

  4. Christine–I was so touched by your heart and your love in your post. God is very fond of you πŸ™‚ I pray you experience a touch from heaven that surpasses your imagination in 2015. I pray you find much time to rest in the arms of Jesus and soak in his lovingkindness. Thank you for your honesty and openness.
    Much love,

    • Christine Duncan

      January 1, 2015 at 2:31 PM

      Dana, what a lovely thing to read, thank you, thank you. Soaking and resting, yes, that’s very much my aim for 2015, how did you know? -and then add to that “expecting” and that’s the best 2015 I can imagine πŸ™‚
      Praying His blessing injected into everything you undertake in this new year!
      Hugs, Christine

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