Book Review for Doing Busy Better!

I don’t know about you, but the busier I become, the less I do well.

This is especially true for me in regards to my chronic Dysthymia. All it takes is to add one more thing to the life-load and suddenly I’m struggling on all levels.


So when the opportunity came up for a chance to read a new book* on the very topic of “Doing Busy Better – Enjoying God’s Gifts of Work and Rest”, I almost did a little dance.

Almost immediately, author Glynnis Whitwer reveals in it’s first pages that this is a dual transformation book. That the words inside won’t just apply to your lifestyle and schedule. Her advice and real-life revelations will also change your spiritual life for the better!

Basically, she had me at this quote tucked inside chapter 1:

“There’s absolutely too much to do in God’s kingdom for us to not be busy about our Father’s business… but there’s too much to do to not rest and recharge in the presence of Jesus.” ~ Glynnis Whitwer
“Doing Busy Better” Enjoying God’s Gifts of Work And Rest

Well then.

I plowed through this book of real equipping like a drowning woman. Oh, yes, I did.

What happens in each chapter after that is an addressing of our fear of missing out, chronic over-commitment and the annoying guilt we feel is due any time we set time aside for real rest.

Glynnis calls this chronic busyness and burnout, both physical/mental and spiritual, “living with no margin.”

We are designed for rest, spacing, pacing, and trading the crush for something with impact and intention.

Without shame attached or swathed in guilt.

In fact, she clearly states for her own life up until she understood how to do busy better, that “Guilt was my narrative.”

And that really resonates with me because I have a similar narrative for more complicated reasons. My illness keeps me slow and living pared back, and I’m forever reminding myself of everything that can pile up while my chronic depression forces me to rest more than I feel I should were I healthy.

I love how she answers these things that will trip us up, with explaining the roles of grace, and permission to allow for a better perspective, deeper into the book.

I know for me, I walked away from this wonderful and empowering read realizing I naturally short-change myself on grace far too much, something God would use to fill us up instead of drain us dry.

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So prepare to be challenged as you read! Glynnis gets to the heart of the issue and as you journey through her words and own experiences, you’ll be asked other questions like:

Will I Ever Stop Feeling Guilty?
Could Slowing Down Makes Us Content?
Is It Ever Okay To Quit?
Is Balance Really Important?

Glynnis Whitwer Quote from her amazing book Doing Busy Better

Finally, this gave me pause in a big way… as a blogger, as a wife and mom, and as someone navigating mental health pressures on top of the regular pressures of life…

“Live a God-directed life rather than a Self-directed life.”

Seek first the kingdom of God… we know it, but it’s time to actually do it, in every aspect of our lives.

Work and rest are His ideas, and His gifts for us.

So let’s get busy doing busy better!


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