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All Things New

As I enter my third year here on the blog, something is giving way. Where once there was a season of waiting, there is now a season of new.

And as if to make sure I haven’t missed all the newness, I’m seeing reminders of this theme everywhere.

We have brand new teensy baby robins in a nest beside the house.


The local bayfront park is abuzz with our family of regal swans sitting on nine new eggs.

All Things New... The best perspective on that new chapter in your life!


New buds are bursting on my flowering miniature crap apple tree in the most heavenly display.


The geese at the beach down the street has little ones trailing around behind. Fluffy. Soft.

And new.

As I told a sister-friend yesterday, new is exciting and daunting all at once.

I’ve gotten comfortable in the old, the predictable. Blog, chat, clean house, rest. All were good things. Except that a fire started to burn. Way back in the season of waiting. And there simmered under layers of the everyday-regular, a new desire. And I almost didn’t want to pull it out and examine this new fire and possible ache.

What if I looked at it a little closer and asked God to explain what new things were coming and then wished I hadn’t?

What if my chronic D decided to interfere?

What if these new chapters in my life turn out to be a new list of failures?

It’s enough to make you turn tail and run hard.

New things are exciting. Aren't they?

Except that if He could handle all of creation without batting an eye, I knew ‘the new’ would be exactly what was supposed to be, and be exactly when and where it was supposed to be, waiting inside His plan.

How do you even question that, really?

So I carry all the new things coming in the new season around with me for a while, guarding it, protecting it, considering it.

Then I begin to understand all the preparation that flourished inside the season of waiting. Waiting outfitted as equipping. Waiting outfitted as trusting. Waiting outfitted as anticipating.

The old and the new suddenly a part of one giant holy orchestration.

And as daunting as some of the new chapters in my life might try to seem, I can plant my feet on the steady promise that He alone still steers this vessel into every new adventure. And now isn’t the time to fear the new. Now is the time to heed His call to join Him on the new journey.

New beginnings. I sit on the edge of the bed in the new light of day, and say quiet steady prayers.

Lord, grant me new strength.

Father, could I have new glimpses of You throughout this new thing?

Jesus, please grace me with new passion, new gratitude, new faith.

I start out earnest and end up desperate.

In the quiet, His words from the Word become the best answer.

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

And so it hits me.

This is HIS new thing. Not mine.

Heavenly Father above, this changes everything!

Where before I erroneously assumed it all hinged on me in the best and worst of ways, I now see the correct perspective.

“This is Your new thing, Lord, that You are doing, and that I have simply been invited to witness and receive all that You call me to. Period.”

This, dear friends, is beyond doable. Because I can relax my grip and fuel up my willingness to follow Him. He’s got all the rest.

The wilderness is not my concern on the journey. He is already planning on carving out paths.

The dry desert is not my concern. He is already prepared to flood the wasteland with holy water and life.

We can stare into this new season and marvel.

I stare at this new season before me. I marvel. When the scripture says He makes all things new, it now has added meaning.

And I am consumed, not with how to manage it, but how to anticipate it.

All things new. He takes it all from ready or not, to ready and able. Click To Tweet

All things new. He takes it all from “ready or not” to “ready and able.”

I can’t wait to get started. You?

So this was a great week celebrating the blog’s 2nd Anniversary and many of you commented, subscribed, and joined us on social media in order to be entered to win a package of goodies from me as a thank you for keeping me company on this journey!
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  1. The concept of newness is amazing to me. That’s what a whole manuscript I’ve finished is about : ) So exciting when you begin to see how the waiting season prepared you.

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