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All Things In Him

I’m starting to think I can’t do today, Lord.

The day started with a bag leaking garbage stuff across my kitchen floor before it got to the curb.

It started with the last two pieces of bread burning in the toaster after the phone rang.

It was a telemarketer.

Yep, I’m really starting to think I just can’t do today, Lord.

The dysthymic disorder connections in my head, Lord, are sluggish.

So much so that I can’t remember if I said yes to a last-minute lunch yesterday for today. Who knows if I can even get there now.

So much so that my hair got a double dose of slick conditioner but no shampoo. And now my brain is stumped by the choices to try to go through the day like there’s nothing wrong, or to wash my hair yet another time when the first two times were such a chore for this chronic D laden body.

Yep, I’m pretty sure I just can’t do today, Lord.

And when I put on my shoes to go for a small walk to try to snap out of the dysthymic fog and feel even just slightly better, I look down and one heel of my shoes is coming away and is barely hanging on. Kind of like me. And it’s almost like a sign that says, “just stay put, you’re not going anywhere today.”

I sit on the top step at the back door and listen to the street doing it’s thing and watch clouds move in and out, some bright, some not, and I try to breathe a prayer. Seems like the only thing I can get right.

And it’s enough. A prayer breathed is the flag waved for a heavenly help. I’ve known this almost all my life. And know it still.

And the verse I’d read yesterday drifts in on the prayer breathed. A verse often tossed around generously and so when you finally read it in earnest, you almost miss the rich depths of it waiting for the weary and worn down soul.

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13

My heart hears this whisper;

All things are in Me. And everything you lack is here in Me. And everything you are is here in Me. Child, are you saying you can’t let me do this day for you?

I’m right here in the day you can’t do.

Let Me. Let Me do today.

And every day.”

All things in Him. I can do all the rest of this day through Him.

That I can gladly do.

Through Him. See through His eyes. Feel through His unshakable spirit. Do through His hands. Live through His strong beating heart.

Not even a heavy dysthymia can hold back the Giver of Life.

The Resurrected One affects everything His touches. And my synapses, my body, my outlook, my faith… is resurrected in Him.

All Things In Him! (And Giveaway)

I dig around and find this verse with a new appreciation for it, with eyes that have glimpsed the Holy again. I was much younger when I highlighted it, placed a star beside it with pen, but decades later it is still a holy highlight and commentary on Who my faith is anchored to. And that He will forever be the difference. What my quality of life is hinged on. I breathe and I get on with the day He created for me to go through with Him.

Alongside Him.

In Him.

I know you may not be dealing with my mood disorder. But some of you are having the same kind of “I can’t do this” day. The board meeting was a disaster for no real reason. You didn’t need that flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Your parent/teacher interview felt like you’re failing and not your child. That diagnosis laid you flat-out of the blue. Your fifth sleepless night has left you in a fog.

But it’s okay. Because we breathe in and exhale a prayer. We raise the white flag and surrender that which is hard and He ¬†becomes our day. All things in Him, right?

“Lord, if there’s one thing I know with my whole being, it’s that You can do this.”

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  1. “The Resurrected One affects everything His touches. And my synapses, my body, my outlook, my faith‚Ķ is resurrected in Him……We raise the white flag and surrender that which is hard and He becomes our day.” What beautiful words and faith! Glad we are neighbors today at Live Free Thursday.

  2. Your line, “All things are in Me…” I just read yesterday in my devotion: ‘All your possessions and all that you are- belongs to Me (Christ). The dawning of each new day is a fight from Me, not to be taken for granted. The earth is vibrantly alive with My blessings, giving vivid testimony to My Presence. If you slow down your pace of life, you can find Me anywhere.’ I’m so thankful you found Him. You don’t feel you can make it through the day, just concentrate on each moment and He will continue to use your weakness to show His awesome strength. He’s always there with you. And I’m here too if you need me. <3

  3. “A prayer breathed is the flag waved for a heavenly help.” Amen, friend. Amen. I know this to be true too, and today I’m sending up a prayer for you and all those who bear this struggle. God is using your dark to display his glorious Light and it’s beautiful. Love you, lady.

  4. So grateful for a God who “does today”, and everyday, for us! He is enough! Prayers for you today!! #livefree

  5. Abby Breuklander

    April 30, 2015 at 4:10 PM

    Love love and love!! I needed this today too, it’s just been one of those days again!

  6. Thank you for sharing this post today! I needed the reminder as I am sure others today may have needed it as well!

    Thank you for your willingness to be so transparent:)

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