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The word-prompt today is *enough*.
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{ And Go… }

“Enough is as good as a feast.”

I hear a classic childhood character sternly say this in my head every time I hear the word enough.

And for the most part, Mary Poppins is right. Excess can be harmful at times. Stop the overwhelming need to consume and consume and consume. Be content with enough.

We live in a world that loves to consume.

Loves to cave to the crave. More and more.

Fill the void. Fill the pain. Fill the hunger.

And it’s funny, that the word-prompt today is this word.

Because the Father has been taking me back to school on making Him my Enough.

He keeps meeting me at my very own well. The well where I can often fall into the trap of digging down for temporary satisfactions, and the next thing that masks the real needs of my heart, the real thirsts and hungers.

He’s no stranger to wells that need filled to overflowing with the waters of true Enough.

He's no stranger to wells that need filled to overflowing with the waters of true Enough. Click To Tweet

Nor is He a stranger to the hearts that keep returning to them.

And like a woman whose thirst He cures two thousand years before, He is gentle and generous and eager, showing me where He can fill me up, where He can replace the temporary, where He becomes the answer to the needs that tempt you to find what you crave in their shallow satisfaction.

Do I want my need filled only in the immediate? Or do I want my need completely satisfied by a bottomless grace, peace, wonder, and love?

So that craving becomes true appetite.

So that He becomes the only thing that will ever be enough.

He leans across the site of my well, my heart, and says, promises, declares, “I Am Enough always. I am He, beloved. Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst—not ever. The water I give will be a spring within, gushing fountains of endless life.” John 4 Msg

Beloved, I have come to fill the void. Fill the pain. Fill the hunger. Forever.

{ … and Stop}

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