That time God put the right person in my life at just the right time... are you supposed to be used today in His timing?

I couldn’t say that particular morning, that my day was going to be a good one. But sometimes the right people step into your day for the right reason for the right time.

I remember it so clearly.

I was behind on everything. I was feeling disjointed and agitated for no reason, a familiar symptom of my chronic D.

I hadn’t slept, I felt depleted of all focus, I didn’t even know how to say what was wrong.

I was feeling like hightailing it back to the covers on my bed that didn’t judge me, need anything from me, or require clear thought.

I was only up for an hour before I felt like I had been battling for 24 of them already.

“Lord, you’re going to have to give me a way through.” I had been praying it non-stop.

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