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A Slower Remedy- Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday's theme this week is the word Slow

It’s so hard to be patient when something that started out full force suddenly slows to a crawl.

We have been renovating my daughter’s room. What started out as being a two to three-week project suddenly has lasted five. And counting.

Simple and quick became bigger and slower. Surprise discoveries. Snags. Obstacles.

Grabbing short moments to keep working as other routines had to start up in the middle of it but not wanting to cut corners, do shoddy work, or miss anything.

Our mantra becoming “might as well do it right the first time…”

So we are slowly finishing the room.

Slow. I know my patient daughter would love to see it done. Get down to living unhindered by the mess and chaos.

Slow. I get thinking about that phrase “God’s not finished with me yet.”

And I know we want that healing completed. That circumstance to turn around. That hard prayer answered. We want to live unhindered by the mess and chaos.

But what if He’s making sure that the slow remedy brings us the best results. The shaping and molding and weaving and working we don’t see happening very fast is being done to completion by His best standards. He doesn’t want a slap-dash building up of His grace and power and shelter and provision.

What if He's making sure that the slow remedy brings us the very best results? Click To Tweet

Sometimes you can’t rush quality. You can’t do it halfway.

He does nothing halfway.

Proof is the long-game of His Son crucified and resurrected and readying eternity for us because He never wants to be separated from us by hindrances and chaos ever again.

So know it means something significant if He’s not finished with it yet. Go slow with your wants and impatience. I speak this to my own heart even now.

He is the only means of true completion.

Appreciate the slow.


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A Samuel-Kind of Anticipation

Our Prayer for when we're ready to listen with all of our being...
I was no stranger to going to God in prayer but this kind of Samuel-type listening was a new challenge to my spirit from His.

A bunch of choices sat hanging in the air. My brain wasn’t focusing too well on daily tasks never mind big life-altering choices, and I was frustrated with how my chronic D can mess up the most simple of things.

Like listening to His heart. Looking for His will.

I sat the other morning with my Bible, and still feeling spiritually askew, asked Him just to reveal Himself.

And why are we always surprised when we pray deliberate prayers and He deliberate-answers?

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Am I Really Weak? – Five Minute Friday

Am I Really Weak? Transforming a label I gave myself and the Five Minute Friday thoughts that go with it!

It occurred to me lately that of all the labels I’ve stopped allowing to define me,  “weak” has managed to stick a little harder than the others.

Oh sure, I’d cast off the obvious labels that I myself, and a few others, had given me in the past. Back before the diagnosis. Back before His transforming grace and freedom. Labels like lazy, faulty, misunderstood, unloved, and unreliable.

Those were gone. Cast off. “I will not be defined by this!” was the mantra.

But whether it applied to my faith, or my mood disorder, or my physical health, for some reason I’ve accepted this one label instead of rejected it. Maybe even tried to make my peace with it. Given it leeway. Some wiggle room.

I called it honesty. Being authentic. Ha.

God has always seen weakness as something else though. He sees it as an opening.

God has always seen weakness as something else though. He sees it as an opening... Click To Tweet

I stood outside today, drinking in a bit of sunshine on my back porch, hearing birds singing as spring-like weather hit,  and taking deep breaths. I was waiting. Waiting to be excused from doing all the adulting that was waiting for me. Waiting for God to excuse me from life because I was feeling all the weakness I sometimes feel come over me when my dysthymia doesn’t want me to be present and engaged.

Waiting for it to define my day.

Instead a verse I was studying last week popped into my head, a gift from the the Holy Spirit no doubt, a nudge that pretty much declared to me a theme He’s been teaching me lately, about how nothing is wasted in His hands…

“But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

“Hey Daughter, this is not a label. This is just where you end and I begin.”

When I am weak, He is strong.

Where I cannot be able, He becomes more than able.

Where I have to leave off, He picks up.

Where I come to the end of myself, He has been anticipating being the solution.

Where I come to the end of myself, He has been anticipating being the Solution. Click To Tweet

Where my situation wants to pull me down, the Psalms say He will raise me up.

“This is where you end, and I begin.”

So, the label changes.

The sunshine warms across my face, the birds flit, the snow melts.

My show of weakness is His opening for real Glory.


Am I really weak?

Or am I just “being completed”?

Being completed.

By the Glorious Creator King.

Now that’s a label I’ll let stick.


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Just Breathe- #FiveMinuteFriday

Five Minute Friday/ Thoughts about catching our breath in His Presence...

A week filled with triggers and failures and waiting can make anyone want to lose their cool and enter into the no-man’s land of mood disorders, and if one more person asked me to calm down and just breathe, well, I just couldn’t account for the consequences.

There was chaos. Worries. Exhaustion. Tippy lids and wayward spatulas and myriad decisions without answers, last-minute prayers that felt like whining defeat instead of hopeful expectation.

And when one looks back it’s been months, not weeks.

It’s enough to make one crumple in a heap and hope the ground swallows you up for good.

But then I place myself wearily and hungrily in His presence.

Why did I wait so long?

And the welcome, soothing, and resurrection-filled breath of the Father flows in, fills up these depleted lungs and life, and the impossible-miraculous-wholeness takes over.

I see it in my mind’s eye, like a limp forgotten balloon being filled up and instantly ready to fly.

I take another delicious breathe in His shadow of mercy and grace and have to thank and praise Him.

How does that beautiful lyric go?

Ah yes.

“It’s Your breath. In my lungs.”

And I hear Him respond to this wobbly daughters-heart:

“Just breathe, beloved. Just breathe.”


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