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Sing- Five Minute Friday

#FiveMinuteFriday Sing... that time He sang to me in the middle of the night...

Time for this week’s #FiveMinuteFriday and the prompt today is the word ‘sing’. Set your timers and write flat out for five minutes.
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{And…. go.}

I recall a day a couple years ago that was just one of those days that feels all busted up, no matter what you do.

And at around midnight, wide awake and all the stress of that day sitting hard on my heart, and making it hard to breathe, I gathered myself into a much loved quilt and shuffled out to sit in the darkness on the porch in the summer silence.

Tears simmered near the surface, and I curled into my old wicker chair in the shadows, and tried hard to see past the crud of the day to the show of stars dotting the sky with His handiwork.

I needed peace. I needed shelter. I needed Him.

Suddenly lines from a worship chorus spilled from desperate lips into all the still, reflecting how alone and solitary I felt, barely a whisper really. Like when you’re drowning.

I called. You answered. And You came to my rescue and I….”

I couldn’t sing the last line.

My whispered song choked off.

I was busted up inside from anxiety and my depression and tasks failed and promises disabled and things yelled and I’d carried a broken-up feeling all day.

I almost had no strength left to call out to the One who needed to come and rescue.

There isn’t much that can break through that kind of brokeness.

But He’s God.

And He can. In the profound space of something simple, He can.

And with a solid-ness so real it took my breath from me, the Father sang the final line back to me.

“And I, I want to be where you are…”

So clearly that I worried people were going to scramble from sleeping houses in confusion.

So clear it was like He’d settled in the chair beside me and sang into my ear.

A warm deep booming beauty of a Voice singing back His promise to never leave me or forsake me.

A warm deep beauty of a Voice singing back His promise to never leave me or forsake me. #fmfparty Click To Tweet

When the Creator King sings over you, it pretty much dispels all chaos, all the built-up awful, and keeps you locked into His rich mercy and gentle grace.

Into His presence.

You have to know, much like being on holy ground, I was locked into my chair, breathless for the better, weeping, wowed.

Scripture says that He sings over us, that He renews us with it and with His love in song.

Sometimes it turns out, He likes to be literally taken at His Word.

And is there in the middle of the broken days, alongside of us.

Our Companion, humming His love song over us.

{And…. stop.}

I know my five minutes is up, but I’m also linking this song… because the minute I hear it, it takes me back to that night on the porch under the stars at midnight curled into my Father as He sang. I pray it speaks to you and fills you up, today!

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The Faith-Science of Courage

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It’s a true pleasure to welcome back a friend and fellow blogger to the blog today who’s such a sweet and generous soul, not to mention a fabulous prayer warrior to have in your corner. Her words never fail to encourage and build up, and you know they are all tried-and-true words, straight from her own heart experiences. It’s my pleasure to turn this little corner of the blogging world over to Bethany McIlrath. Please give her a heartfelt welcome!
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Our freedom on this day in history, paid in full on the cross at Calvary!

I wrote an Easter post about freedom a while back. About true freedom.

This week I kept preaching it to myself. I don’t want to take for granted the freedom given.

Not that day two thousand years ago, and certainly not now.

It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t easy, but Friday was a holy payment for a bondage we could never have broken away from on our own.

Easter is about salvation from eternal captivity.

After all the struggle, the battle, the death on the cross, Sunday arrives with boldness.

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Enough – Five Minute Friday

It’s another #FiveMinuteFriday! Yay! This is the best time of the week for me. Great words and great community!
The word-prompt today is *enough*.
If you’d like to know more about #FiveMinuteFriday be sure to go HERE for more info! My five minutes of free writing starts… now.

{ And Go… }

“Enough is as good as a feast.”

I hear a classic childhood character sternly say this in my head every time I hear the word enough.

And for the most part, Mary Poppins is right. Excess can be harmful at times. Stop the overwhelming need to consume and consume and consume. Be content with enough.

We live in a world that loves to consume.

Loves to cave to the crave. More and more.

Fill the void. Fill the pain. Fill the hunger.

And it’s funny, that the word-prompt today is this word.

Because the Father has been taking me back to school on making Him my Enough.

He keeps meeting me at my very own well. The well where I can often fall into the trap of digging down for temporary satisfactions, and the next thing that masks the real needs of my heart, the real thirsts and hungers.

He’s no stranger to wells that need filled to overflowing with the waters of true Enough.

He's no stranger to wells that need filled to overflowing with the waters of true Enough. Click To Tweet

Nor is He a stranger to the hearts that keep returning to them.

And like a woman whose thirst He cures two thousand years before, He is gentle and generous and eager, showing me where He can fill me up, where He can replace the temporary, where He becomes the answer to the needs that tempt you to find what you crave in their shallow satisfaction.

Do I want my need filled only in the immediate? Or do I want my need completely satisfied by a bottomless grace, peace, wonder, and love?

So that craving becomes true appetite.

So that He becomes the only thing that will ever be enough.

He leans across the site of my well, my heart, and says, promises, declares, “I Am Enough always. I am He, beloved. Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst—not ever. The water I give will be a spring within, gushing fountains of endless life.” John 4 Msg

Beloved, I have come to fill the void. Fill the pain. Fill the hunger. Forever.

{ … and Stop}

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