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Who Told You That You Could Have A Comfort Zone

Karrilee Aggett- God In The New Journey Series

When God calls you to the uncomfortable new journey...

Thanks for joining us once more as we explore our series “God In the New Journey: Being Brave Enough to Step Out”, and today I’m so happy to welcome our next guest to the P&LP! I was introduced to Karrilee Aggett’s writing when I first heard of blog linkups about two years back, and out of a sea of faces online, she seemed to especially shine with His spirit. I inhaled her posts over at Abiding Love, Abounding Grace, loving her perspective and no-nonsense style and poetic insights, and her very definite heart for people and her God. Needless to say, when she agreed to take over the blog today,
I might have given a small whoop of pure glee.
Karrilee, a big welcome and thank you!


Listen, I say this all the time: Saying this big, huge, life-changing Yes didn’t feel as much Brave as it did Crazy!  It was completely out of character for us.

However, my husband decided at the first of that New Year that he wanted to be more spontaneous and take more risks. He wanted to change things up a bit and be, his words –not mine, less predictable.

If I’m honest, and I am that, those words caused a mild panic attack to start to flutter around deep inside of me. I liked that he was steady and sure. But at the corners of my heart, I knew this was going to be a year of adventure and beyond the anxious flutters was an anticipation for God to show up and show off for us like never before.

I had NO IDEA…

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When Things Don’t Go According To Plan

Katie Langdon – God In The New Journey Series

When Things Don't Go According to Plan, a guest post by Katie Langdon

Thanks for tuning in once again to our current blog series for the month of March called “God In The New Journey: Being Brave Enough To Step Out. I have been eagerly waiting to introduce you to a friend whose recent new journey means she is also new to blogging, and I couldn’t wait to reveal her inspirational story here as she takes her turn weaving good solid honest words for you all. Help me in welcoming my longtime friend, cool blogger, and amazing mama, Katie Langdon from Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Mama to the blog! Yay!
And please be sure to track back through our first two weeks of posts in this series!


“I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now”.

I have no idea who coined that phrase, all I know is I saw it on a friend’s Instagram post one day and it hit me hard enough that I’ve never forgotten it. I prayed and PRAYED for my little boy. I cried tears every month I wasn’t pregnant, and I cried more tears when I miscarried my first child. One day it happened, I was given the desire of my heart, and I was pregnant with our little boy.

Fast forward to June 12, 2016, the day my son Carter was born, or if you will, the day it all changed. I spent 21 hours in labour; my water broke at 1am and he was born at 10:30pm. I remember thinking that the hard part was finally over. Any of you moms laughing at me right now? Well, let me give you a little back story on my life up until that point. I am an Early Childhood Educator. I have eight years of experience working 5 days a week with children. The three years up until maternity leave I worked in an infant program. I am a bonus mom (that’s my cute less-ugly term for step mom) to three children, aged 9,10 and 11, and I have seven nieces and nephews. To say I had experience with kids would be an understatement. I really thought that I was prepared.

Spoiler alert: I was not prepared.
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When God Tugs On Your Heart

Allison Lynn- The God In The New Journey Series

God In the New Journey series with Allison Lynn.

So I just love how this blog series is bringing together bloggers, writers, moms,  musicians, ministry leaders, and more to lend their voices here about new journeys and being brave. Today I extend a big welcome to a friend I met last fall through a WIMM Canada event, and who has a love for all things music, writing, and ministry. I’m excited to introduce you to Allison Lynn, one part of a beautifully gifted musical duo called Infinitely More, and even as I read her words, I felt the tugging and nudge of the Spirit in such a beautiful and deep way.
Come with me and listen deep to the truths in Allison’s post today…

Empty. Every single page on the calendar – empty.

My stomach churns into knots and hits the floor.

Here I stand: staring at the empty calendar, and, as always, feeling an immense pressure to fill it.


Gerald and I had been singers and musicians our whole lives. When we met, we each had solo careers that brought us into venues like jazz clubs and folk festivals. We did all kinds of crazy and creative things, and loved our artistic lives.

The final year of our engagement saw a dramatic change in our whole approach to music. I was called into full-time Christian music ministry. Gerald returned to his roots in country and pop songwriting. Something was brewing in our hearts…

We felt the tug.

I don’t know if you’ve felt the tug, but if you have, you know it doesn’t always feel good.

For some, it’s a nagging idea that consumes their thoughts. For others, it’s an audible voice. Some people get headaches, or even heartaches.

It’s that moment when we know God is asking us to do something we might not have chosen on our own.

That moment when we know God is asking us to do something we might not have chosen on our own. Click To Tweet

You know what I’m talking about. It’s that thing we’ve always wanted to do, but it sits outside our comfort zone. It’s that thing that sparks all our dreams, but the thought of pursuing it brings the crippling nightmares that keep us living exactly as we did yesterday.

Gerald and I were in the throes of wedding planning. There had already been so much change. Surely, God wasn’t asking us to do more?

But that nagging tug…

We need to move to Nashville.

“God,” I said, “You need to stop that right now. I can’t turn to my almost-husband and declare that we move to another country!”

I always imagine God smiling gently but knowingly to me at this point…

One day, Gerald turned to me and said, “If you’re serious about pursuing Christian music, I really think we should move to Nashville.”

My jaw hit the floor! I hadn’t breathed a word about it to Gerald. I hadn’t even implied it. And yet, God had planted that same tug in my almost-husband’s heart.

So we took the leap, and by our first wedding anniversary, we were living in our Nashville apartment! It was an amazing way to start our married life together. We worked hard and studied relentlessly. We knocked on the window of our dreams and doors slowly started to open. Gerald wrote with Grammy winning and Hall of Fame songwriters. I worked with Gaither Homecoming artists and recorded two solo albums. We made friends, wrote songs, served our church, and sang as often as possible.

We entered Nashville as individuals, just recently joined together by marriage. But bit by bit, God was turning us towards each other. Slowly, so as not to frighten us, God was showing us the beauty of our combined musical voice.

By the time we moved home to Toronto, we were Infinitely More – a full-time Christian music duo.

We were full of confidence in God’s calling on our musical lives. In Toronto, we joined a church staff as music directors for a contemporary worship service. We built and nurtured an amazing band of church musicians. We started to grow our Infinitely More ministry, touring and performing concerts whenever we had time off from our church. Our lives were full of events and excitement. In 2013, we even headed into the studio to work on our first Infinitely More CD.

But then, we felt the tug again.

What if we toured full-time?

This time, I didn’t want to feel the tug. Life was good. I didn’t want to step out in faith. Hadn’t we done that already?

On church staff, we had a steady income, a budget, a team of volunteers, and a full roster of events. If we toured full-time, we’d be on our own, and everything would need to come from us.

That’s when I saw that empty calendar for the first time. That vast, empty calendar. Without our church position, the pages were blank.

We’d built such a great life. How could we just walk away from it all?

But that tug… That relentless, ever-growing tug….

Feeling that holy tug on your heart? Be brave and step out into His plans!

So, I started to pray.

I felt so out of control, but as I breathed out my prayers, it dawned on me. Of course I’m not in control. I’m not supposed to be. And I don’t need to be.

I was reminded of the very verse that inspired our name:

“Glory to God, whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.” Eph.3:20

God working in us… I didn’t need to do it all on my own.

I can step outside my comfort zone, because God is already out there, waiting for me. He knows the plans He has for me. Plans to prosper and not harm me. Plans to give me a hope and a future.

I can step outside my comfort zone, because God is already out there, waiting for me! Click To Tweet

In 2013, Infinitely More took the leap as a full-time touring duo. We’ve had challenges, but we’ve never regretting saying, “Yes.” As we drive across our beautiful country of Canada, singing for the loving family of God, we’re constantly reminded of God’s unlimited goodness and faithfulness.


So here I stand at the beginning of a new year: staring at an empty calendar.

My stomach churns into knots as I feel an immense pressure to fill it.

But I’ve been here before. I know those empty pages are ready for new blessings and new possibilities. And I know who walks with me.

I’ve learned to trust the tug…


Allison Lynn from Infinitely More on big dreams and what to do when you feel the tug on your heart from God.Allison Lynn and her husband, Gerald Flemming, have been married 11 years & form the band, Infinitely More. This prolific and acclaimed duo drives over 40,000 KM annually to share the Gospel through story and song. As members of the World Vision Artist Collective, Infinitely More uses their music to change the lives of children around the world.
Stay tuned as 2017 brings new adventures, new songs, and a brand new CD!



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God, You’re Telling Me To Do What?

(When God Gives You a Great Big Dream)
Danielle Macaulay – God In The New Journey Series

What do you do when God answers with a dream bigger than thought possible?

Here we are with the third installment of our March series “God In The New Journey: Being Brave Enough To Step Out” and I’m so grateful that my next guest is with us today! New to the blogging scene, I was an instant fan of her as a blogger and words-friend. Danielle Macaulay’s blog is this warm, homey, welcome space. You will literally be fed each time you visit, whether through her upfront and honest, grace-filled words, or through her amazing recipes for feeding your family and your soul.
Welcome, Danielle, excited as you share with us about new journeys!
And if you’ve missed the first two posts in this series, please check them out by clicking HERE and also HERE!

For such a great big God, His voice can seem so faint. For someone who sticks closer than a brother, His words can feel so distant.  And, for such a convicted woman, my thoughts and feelings are often so unsure.

But, I do have faith as tiny as a mustard seed – faith in that great big God.

I know that God speaks – even to me. Most of the time the message is muddied and muddled. Definitely my own fault. I can mix up the most crystal clear message with all my busyness, distraction and doubt. Too many times, God’s voice is interrupted by an incoming email, my date with Netflix, or my incessant need to have the house picked up after the kids are in bed. I am a much better talker than listener. I’ve had to learn over and over again that God gave me two ears, two eyes, and only one mouth. And, even when I do hear Him, I’m prone to doubting that it’s actually Him.

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