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Fear Fighting: When You’ve Gotta Have Control

Today I’m thrilled to feature THE Cheerleader of faith, blogger and now author, Kelly Balarie from the Purposeful Faith blog here as guest today on the P&LP!!! Back when I stumbled into the blogosphere, Kelly’s words and blog were one of the first places where I found community online, her linkups notorious for being a safe place to share thoughts, lessons, truths.

And now, she releases her first book,
Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage to Overcome Your Fears
and I can’t tell you how powerful and profound this book has already been in my life…

But let’s hear from Kelly in her own words today! Let’s go….


Fighting Fear Guest Post with Kelly Balarie

When I thought about fighting as a child, it was normally with my siblings. I’d sink my nails into them, they’d shriek. I’d see an injustice, like them taking my pile of Lego’s and I’d tackle them. I was the oldest, so I could always win. I liked it that way.

Yet, somewhere along the lines, I think I’ve lost my power. I like a winning position; I’m strong there. Yet, now, I feel like people, life, and situations are acting on me, more than I’m acting on them. For a girl who harnesses the idea of being in control, this makes me feel – well, out of control. I deeply dislike that.

Do you feel out of control? Do you feel all alone, fighting for a life that you can’t seem to wrangle to order?

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The Gift That Alters, The Manger An Altar

Ever get a gift that altered everything?

Ever had a gift you’ve received create a real impact?

Not just something lovely and good or that knocks something else off ‘the list’ but such a gift that it put in motion a series of journeys or changes or altered you for good? Where promises were fulfilled?

A gift you couldn’t deny would start something new?

I must admit, I’ve had a few over the years that I would say fit that description.

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All The Good Words

We All Need Good Words...

There is just something that happens when good words come your way.

Good words can make you forget for a moment all the difficult things you’re facing, or all the various Jordan-type moments you’ve had to forge across.

Good words are a heart’s reprieve from the exhausting things and the unknown things and the oh-woe-is-me things.

Not sure why, but I felt like God kept highlighting moments like that for me this past week.

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Transitions: When He Shapes, Molds, and Orchestrates In the Middle of the Unknown

What We Can Do In Our Seasons of Transition

I’ve been out in the middle of the unknown for the last little while.

A season of change happening right underfoot, so it seems.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one.

There are these, um, transitions, happening whether I approve of them or not, whether I think I’m ready for them or not, whether I asked for them or not.

Big and small, I don’t know if they take my breath away because they caught me off-guard, or if they are just things that God has always been orchestrating and I’ve just been out in left-field, in my own little world, and just now making sense of the signs that have been pointing this way, go here, do this, trust now.

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