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I’m so blessed to be able to start a new week here on the blog with words from our good friend Abby Breuklander. Abby has words of so much hope and restoration, and as I read her words for myself, I nearly wept. It’s my joy to share them with you, and as you read, I pray her journey into restoration will inspire and bless! Thanks, Abby, for spilling your heart out in words once again, so that we can reap the same joy.¬†

When We Find Ourselves in the Hard Seasons of Life We Have This Promise

“And I will restore to you the years the locust hath eaten.” ¬† Joel 2:25

It just amazes me that something as small and innocent looking as a grasshopper could be so devastatingly destructive. But if you have a swarm of these little guys, look out!  Devastation as far as the eye can see. I can almost imagine what the Israelites were thinking, everything gone just like that. Life as you knew it over in the blink of an eye.

Isn’t that how life goes for us sometimes? One moment the sun is shining and the next you’re picking yourself up of the ground after the twister. Numbly staring around trying to piece together what just happened.

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Their Time To Shine

Guest post for the Faith Collective

It was a day that we all felt like we had fought hard for.

And when my son walked across that platform for his high school diploma, I snapped a picture and sent up a prayer in the form of a giant exhale. He hadn’t always loved school. Hadn’t always had a great confidence no matter how we had cheered him on and gave him space to find his way. But high school had changed all that. We watched him dig down deep and begin to enjoy learning. We watched him humbly receive honors every year.

We’ve been celebrating every small victory for years. And now it was time to celebrate the big dream of graduating.

We screamed out his name as he crossed the platform. I think he maybe rolled his eyes.

But he was beaming. And we were beaming.

It was his time to shine.

If you’d like to continue reading more, I would love if you joined me over at The Faith Collective where I am sharing these words today as a regular contributor. You can continue to read #HERE by opening the hashtag. Hope I see you there!

It’s also linkup day! You can also find us linked up with all the goodness over at Suzie Eller’s #livefreeThursday linkup! Yay!


What I Learned In June

What I Learned In June

So I started this monthly tradition only a month ago after seeing so many of my blogging crew posting these and I’m loving it much more than I thought I would! Who knew?

So here’s June’s little retrospective and looking back, June was just full of a ton of goodness, and you know me, I just have to share it all with you. Here we go.

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In The Pleasant And Not So Pleasant

His promise for the pleasant and not-so pleasant...

It had just been one of those weeks. Where the pleasant and all the unpleasant combine and at the end you’re left wondering which way is up.

A tangle of graduation plans for our youngest, photos waiting for editing that I could never get to, a cold to fend off (thank you elderberry extract and vitamin C with zinc), dinners to arrange and attend, laundry to search for (where do the socks keep going???) and errands galore on zero sleep once again. Insomnia not withstanding, I foolishly thought I was managing it all.

But the house started to resemble a war zone caked in rampant dog hair, my to-do lists danced while sleep evaded, and I’m pretty sure there was a point where I sat down in my bedroom alone to cry but tears ended up just being way too much work.

I needed chocolate, make no mistake, and I needed it yesterday.

At the end of the bed was my Bible so I hugged it to my chest and thought, “yes, this is right. He’s going to commiserate with me in this, and then all of this will change.”

Oh, when will I learn that His ways are not my ways.

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